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5 US States For Expats To Think About

At the start of any year many people think about making a new start in another country and the steps they would need to make in order to make that happen. If you are one who has started thinking about moving to the USA, not only will you need to think about the things you are going to take with you but also what state to live in as that can make a huge difference to your move. Will you be looking for a location that is perfect for you and your family or one that is an environment fit for business?

Where Should You Move To In The US?

There is no real quick answer for this question as a number of factors will all count in your final decision. It can depend on whether you are relocating your business, in which case you will need to take an in-depth look at the market that will be available to you in this new location. Another factor here would be the benefits that become available to you through the US business which will vary from state to state.

Of course many go for the states that are filled with all-round sunshine – creating a huge appeal for retirees – such as California and Florida, but there are a few other choices which have been laid out by CNBC.com as the top states to live in America due to the quality of life available.

1. New Hampshire
A beautiful area filled with 48 mountains that would be great for anyone who is attracted to the great outdoors. The scenery will make it easy for you to enjoy each season thanks to the autumn foliage, and popular snow-related sport that will be readily available to anyone living in the area. All of which is brought to a point with the summer festivals. The quality of life in New Hampshire was ranked amongst the best during 2012 thanks to its healthy environment. If you want to escape into civilisation Boston is just around the corner.

2. Hawaii
With its gorgeous white beaches that stretch around the island it is little wonder that people from all over the world look to escape to this island dream that enjoys all-year-round sunshine. With the high respect Hawaiians hold for the environment you can sit back and bask in an almost unparalleled air and water quality. Also famous for the friendly nature of the locals, are there really any more reasons you need to settle down here?

3. Vermont
Know as the Green Mountain state Vermont can boast a very low crime rate, backing up its reputation as a wonderful place for newcomers to settle into their new lifestyle. It also offers a range of lifestyles from the quieter outskirts to the centre of city living. This would be a great place for new families to move to as it has been cited multiple times as one of the best places to raise your children.

4. Maine
Along with holding some beautiful scenery Maine also has a low population density (great if you like to live away from the hustle and bustle experienced in more built up areas), low crime rates and exceptionally polite locals.

5. Minnesota
Again with the ability to offer a selection of living styles with the twin cities perfect for those who love to be in the middle of a busy location with lots to do, or venturing further out to the more remote areas to take in the quiet charm offered by the North Woods. Minnesota can offer something for the health mind with sculpture gardens and something for the body with forest trails.

If any of these areas have appealed to you and you know this move is what you want why not take a look into our helpful guides, or contact us for removal quotes.