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Britannia Movers Head Office in Redhill has a large 20,000 square foot warehouse where we offer secure, clean, dry and fire-safe environment for our container storage facilities.

Whether you need storage space selling your home, moving house, or while renovation or repairs are carried out on your home, Britannia’s container storage is a flexible and cost-effective option.


Secure Storage with CCTV

Our warehouse is a high security storage depot, protected by state-of-the-art security alarm systems and monitored CCTV. Smoke and fire detectors are in place and we have defences against flooding and water damage. Therefore, you can rest assured that your belongings are safe at all times. If worried, comprehensive insurance is available.

Britannia’s Container Storage Service

  • Our removal team comes to your home or business
  • We professionally wrap and pack the items you want to store
  • We provide you with an itemised inventory
  • We load your goods into your storage container
  • The storage container is sealed
  • The storage containers are returned to our storage depot
  • Containers are securely stored indoors in our warehouses
  • Once your container is safely in position, it will not be touched again until you need it
  • The storage containers hold approximately 7 cubic metres/ 250 cubic feet
  • Temporary access to your storage container can be arranged
  • Containets can be hired on a short or long-term basis.


Benefits of Container Storage

Container storage is a cost-effective, convenient and safe storage option that keeps your posessions in perfect condition, until you need them again.

You can hire 1 or more containers of varying sizes, depending on the capacity needed.

The storage containers remain sealed, safe and secure until the day they are returned. Your belongings will remain untouched and, as this system minimises handling, it ensures your items will remain dry and protected.

Container storage is a great option for those who will not require frequent access to their items.

Container storage is cost and time effective.

Our storage team will come to your home to take your items into storage.

Accessing Stored Items

If you do need to access your items, simply get in touch with us in advance to arrange.

Container Storage Insurance

We also offer a comprehensive container storage insurance for your goods while they are in transit and during storage.

Your Storage Needs

If you would like to find out more or discuss the various storage options or are ready to go ahead, please contact us. We’d also be happy for you to come and inspect any of our facilities and meet some of our team.

To get an idea of costs, you can use the quick quote box above or get in touch with us

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