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Document Shredding Leeds and West Yorkshire

At Britannia Turnbulls we offer a shredding service to ensure your documents are disposed of in a way that is compliant with the Data Protection Act. This helps keep you safe from criminals who want access to your personal and business details. When you get in contact with us, we will advise you on what media can and cannot be shredded, and we will make sure that all legislation and regulations are followed to the letter.

Wheelie Bins & Office Consoles

Our wheelie bins are a fantastic option for many businesses as they lockable, have a slotted lid, and can be stored securely outside. Please note, all of our shredding charges are based upon one collection per bin or console, per week.

  • One Bin – £28
  • Two Bins – £22
  • Three Bins – £16
  • Four Bins – £13
  • Five Bins – £11
  • Six Bins – £10

Alternatively, for business, our consoles can be nestled in the corner of any office. They work like a letterbox with a huge sack inside to hold all of the documents.

  • One Console – £30
  • Two Consoles – £28
  • Three Consoles – £19
  • Four Consoles – £15
  • Five Consoles – £13
  • Six Consoles – £11

Document Shredding Bags

If you are a smaller business or need to get rid of documents from your home, a shredding bag might be the best alternative. You can either bring your waste to us, or we will collect it from you. Also, if you already have your paperwork boxed or bagged, we will pro-rate the volume against the standard size of our bags.

  • 1 to 10 Bags – £5.00 per bag
  • 11 to 20 bags – £4.50 per bag
  • 21 to 100 bags – £4 per bag
  • 100+ bags – £3.50 per bag

Get In Contact for Shredding Services

If you would like to find out more about our shredding service at Britannia Turnbulls please give us a call on 01132 089629. Alternatively, send us an email via and we will be in touch shortly.

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