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ShreddingWorking in an office environment, we know how careful you must be with your data and archive materials. GDPR has come into play and ensures that all companies, whether you are self-employed or part of a larger corporate firm, take responsibility for keeping their confidential paperwork safe and destructing of it in a legally compliant, confidential and economical manner.

Our shredding services offer just that. We can collect, destroy and certify any confidential materials, from paper/card waste in bags or boxes to hardware, hard drives and full computer systems.

If shredding on a regular basis is something that your office or home environment requires then we can set up consoles and schedule regular collections to ensure paperwork is cleared and destroyed in a timely manner.

Not just for business

Our shredding services are not just for commercial environments. We create a lot of confidential paperwork within our homes. Banking statements, pensions, mortgage paperwork, the list is endless…

Our shredding services can cater for these smaller volumes of domestic shredding in the same way that we do our commercial shredding. Collected or dropped off in the same way, destroyed just as confidentially and certified each time, so you don’t have to worry about your personal data or details getting into the wrong hands.

We offer prepaid bags to take home and load up in the privacy of your own home or we can take your materials in your own archive boxes. We can collect your shredding should delivery be an issue and as we cover all of Cambridgeshire, so shredding really is as easy as 1,2,3!

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