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Furniture Hoist – equipment to suit every move

Britannia Movers plans carefully for every move. From our initial surveyor’s visit or video survey assessment, we take time to plan and prepare your removal to make sure move day goes as expected and the level of service our customer’s have grown accustomed to is delivered on each and every move.

Part and parcel of this is assessing access at the property at each end of the removal from the collection property you are moving out of to the new property our customers are moving into. Britannia needs to address important questions, such as will our vehicle get close enough to the house, do we need to consider a combination of vehicles sizes if access is poor, are we likely to inconvenience any neighbours with where we park, will our crew be able to unload and carry heavy items easily in and out of the property and (if the property is across multiple floors) are the stairways wide and is there suitable protection to enable the crew to lift items up to each floor?

Our experience over many years, demonstrates that we need to be prepared for properties in all different shapes and sizes. After all our customers live in a variety of dwellings in a variety of locations; whether in city centres, rural villages or countryside and coastal areas.

Britannia has the answer

Our Furniture Hoist makes short work of delivering to properties where restricted access prevents delivering goods via normal means. There may be obstacles inside or outside your house which obstruct carriage of certain items in through the front door. Good that need delivering to the first or second floor (or indeed as high as a fourth floor) can be easily delivered up the hoist and then moved onto a balcony and through a window.

Britannia’s hoist is available at certain local offices, so if you feel this would be a useful piece of equipment to use on your move, please ask. Our surveyor may well beat you to it and is likely to point out where and when your move may benefit from this specialised equipment. To find out more, why not view the video that appears on this page or discuss it with your local Britannia office using the telephone number supplied on the local office page of our website. The Furniture Hoist can be used on residential removals within the UK and also office moves in built up areas.

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