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Self Storage Hampshire

We offer self-storage facilities in Hampshire, with flexible options to suit your storage needs. 

Why Choose Our Self Storage ?

Self-storage is a convenient and flexible way to store your items for which you need regular access. Our storage units are safe and secure, giving you easy access to your stored items. Your belongings will be kept safe in our facility which is alarmed and monitored 24 hours by CCTV, with extra precautions taken against fire. You will have your own room with your own key.

We have plenty of parking as well as equipment to help you move your items into your storage unit. We have extra-wide access, so we can store even your large household items.

self storageOur self-storage units vary in size, ranging from 10sq. ft to a unit that can store the contents of a house, popular self-store unit sizes are:

  • 10 sq. ft storage rooms the size of a large storage cupboard
  • 50 sq. ft storage rooms capable of storing the contents of a double garage
  • 100 sq. ft storage rooms are big enough for the contents of a small house
  • 500 sq. ft storage space can accommodate most requirements

Our self-storage is flexible, so you can change your unit if you need to. If you need more space or if you take items out and no longer need such a big space, we’ll make sure to accommodate your changing requirements, so you don’t have to pay for storage space you don’t need.

Our self-storage options are flexible, even if you need short-term storage to store items for a few days or long-term shortage for years, we can accommodate your needs.

Benefits of self-storage:

  • Secure – you will have your own room with your own key.
  • Regular access.
  • You can deliver or collect your goods from our depots in your own car or van.
  • No pre-booking.
  • Flexible – no long-term commitment required, you can self-store for just a few days.
  • Wide range of self-storage unit sizes, you will only have to pay for storage that you are using.
  • Competitive prices.
  • With more than 45 depots throughout the UK, you can choose a warehouse located close to where you live or where you are moving to.

We offer competitive rates for our storage and will help you to find the best storage solution for what you need, whether you need to store one or two items or the contents of a house, we have the storage solution for you.

For more information on our self-storage in Hampshire or any other storage requirements, please email or call 01264 351635 to speak to us directly. You can also use the Quick Quote to get an idea of the cost.

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