Britannia Movers International

Britannia Leatherbarrows help at the Bournemouth Pier to Pier swim the biggest charity swim in Europe

Sunday 7th August 2016 welcomed the Bournemouth Pier to Pier swim back as the biggest charity swim in Europe

Thousands of swimmers supported the fight against heart disease by taking on an unforgettable swimming challenge braving the open sea between Bournemouth and Boscombe Piers, a total distance of 1.4 miles.

One participant urging others to join in with this incredible fundraising event is David Bigglestone, sales executive for Britannia Leatherbarrows Removals who underwent a triple heart bypass 10 years ago. David has now accomplished his fifth consecutive year completing the challenge in 50 minutes.

David, said: “I know only too well the importance of raising money for the British Heart Foundation. Without their hard work and dedication I and many others may not be leading the lives that we do now.”

The Leatherbarrows’ team not only supported their work colleague but also helped at the event by supplying a van and 2 employees to look after the swimmers’ belongings and transport them between the 2 piers.

Andy Coles, the British Heart Foundation fundraising event manager, said: “Coronary heart disease remains the single biggest killer in the UK.

“It is responsible for over 250 deaths in Bournemouth each year, so it’s vital that we can raise as much money as we can from events like the Bournemouth Pier to Pier Swim in our search for the breakthrough.”