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Packing Services

When moving home or office we understand that there may be a requirement for a packing service. Of course, every job is different, below are a few options customers will often use.

Owner Packed Removal Service

If you’ve taken advantage of one of our surveyor visits to your home or Business then the surveyor would make a note of the packing requirements. From this, we can arrange to have the packing materials delivered to your home or Business in readiness for you to complete your own packing. Don’t worry if we haven’t sent a surveyor as we can still supply the materials you will need to pack your home or business.

China and Glass Pack Service

If you feel happy to complete most of the packing and want us to pack up your china, glassware and ornaments.

Full Pack Removal Service

If you have busy work lives or family commitments and wonder just when you will have time to complete the packing don’t worry, our full packing removal service does exactly as it says on the tin (Packs Everything). This option removes the worry of finding time to pack boxes amongst the myriad other tasks that you face when moving home. Full packing usually takes longer and may be undertaken in advance of moving day.

Export Packing Service & Casing Service

Not just for goods that require the additional packing needed when moving overseas, export packing can be used when items are perhaps too large to fit in a box or too delicate to be moved without some additional protection.

Export packing usually involves protecting goods with a tough cushioned wrapping material that has a layer of bubbles at is core. This is quick, clean and easy to work with and allows furniture to breathe whilst protected.

If items have particularly vulnerable edges as in the case of gilt-framed pictures and mirrors we will often purpose-build a crate to ensure safe transportation.

Purchasing Materials

Even if you aren’t moving with us we sell boxes, paper, bubble wrap and tape, please give us a call or email for assistance.


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