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Safe, Secure Containerised Storage

Containerised storage is one of the most secure cost-effective ways to store your household effects for the short or long term.

The containers are loaded directly onto our vehicles, brought to your home and packed, loaded and sealed in front of you. Once full they are returned to our warehouse, offloaded and stacked where they will remain until you request that they are delivered back to you. Delivery is simply the reverse of the loading process and the containers are again opened in front of you.

Woollen blankets are available in each container to ensure that your goods are properly protected for transit.

Each container holds 250 cubic feet of furniture and effects which is about the same as a regular garden shed.

Benefits of containerised storage over self-storage

There are three major benefits of using containerised storage instead of the perhaps more familiar high street self-storage.

With self-storage your goods are handled multiple times by multiple agencies, in practice you will have a removal company who move your goods from your home to the self-store. They will handle your effects both when they load them and at delivery into the self-store unit. The self-store unit will be unlikely to have any blankets to protect your goods so they will be stacked unprotected increasing the risk of damage.

Guardianship of your goods now passes to the self-store company.

When your goods are returned to you, the removal company comes along again loads your ( unprotected goods ) and returns them to your home. The goods are back under their care.

In this example your goods are handled 4 times to the containerised stores 2. The risk of damage is doubled.

Notwithstanding this, it is difficult to adequately insure your goods for this type of operation as it’s very hard to prove where any damage may have occurred.

The second major benefit is cost. A containerised store makes much better use of space than a self-store and the price you pay is typically 50% less. Also watch out for the self-stores tempting cheap 4 week deals, most jobs remain in store for at least twice as long as you expect.

Finally, with us you only pay for the space you need and most times we’ve advised you of this via an in-home visit. With self-storage you usually end up with more rooms than you were initially sold and you can’t stack the goods as high as we do in our containers so you use more space than you need.


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