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International Removals from Middlesbrough

Britannia Devereux Removals can offer a reliable and professional international removal and shipping service. As members of the Britannia Movers International, we have an extensive international network and have the resources to tailor the move to your specific needs, whether you need vehicle shipping, pet transport, money transfer or any other additional services.

International Removal Services From Britannia Devereux Removals

•         Pre-Move Survey – A pre-move survey is a crucial part of the international move, and will ensure that we can correctly assess your needs and special requirements. During the pre-move survey, we will also advise you whether your effects will be shipped in their own container or as part of a shared load consignment.

•         International Shipping – If your move is big enough for a sole use container, your steel shipping containers will be packed outside your home, sealed and transported to the docks for shipment. If you are transporting fewer items and your move is not big enough to fill whole container, your items will be loaded and transported jointly with others shipping to the same destination.

•         Vehicle Shipping – If you are planning to move your car or vehicle as part of your household move, Britannia Devereux Removals can also take care of this. Before deciding to transport your car, it is recommended that you check regulations in your destination country.

Britannia-Devereux-banner2.jpg•         Air Freight – Items that you require urgently can be sent by air.

•         Packing Service – Britannia Devereux Removals can also offer a packing service when you are moving abroad. We will first make a move plan detailing all items that you want to move. Our packers will wrap and pack all your belongings carefully, and will use high quality materials to provide maximum safety. Unusual, fragile and valuable items will be protected by custom casing.

•         Storage Services – If you require storage either prior to the move in the UK or internationally, we can also arrange this. If you require a comprehensive and professional international removal service, do not hesitate to contact Britannia Devereux Removals.

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