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International Removals in Essex

Whether you are moving to the USA or want to ship your effects to China, W. Harris can offer a wide range of removals and shipping services. We can offer shared or full container loads, car shipping, air freight, pet transport, international storage and professional packing services. As members of the Britannia Movers International, we have the expertise and the international resources to be able to provide a professional and reliable service.

International Shipping In Sole Use or Shared Containers

Whether you have a whole household to ship, or only a limited number of effects, we can ship your effects to almost anywhere in the world. During the pre-move survey, we will decide whether your effects will be shipped in their own container or as part of a shared load consignment. Most shipments are loaded into steel shipping containers. Sole use containers will generally be packed outside your home and transported to the docks for shipment. If you don’t have a whole household to move, and you don’t have enough effects to fill a whole container, they will be transferred to our warehouse where they will be stored safely until being loaded jointly with other loads to be shipped to the same destination.

Car Shipping

If you wish to ship your car to your new destination, Britannia can offer professional car shipping services, either in a sole use container or as part of a shared consignment. Before deciding to ship your car, it is important to find out more about car shipping regulations as motor vehicles are often subject to duty and other special regulations.

Air Freight

Items that you require urgently at the destination can be sent by air. Your belongings will be packed into airline approved cartons and transported safely to the international destination. For smaller consignments and to less popular destinations, your effects might be packed for shared loading.

Tailor-Made Move

Just as with our UK removals, we make sure that we offer you an international moving service that meets your specific needs. We will create a detailed move plan that includes all items that you want to move, any specific arrangements and any special equipment or materials to move unusual items. This move plan will enable us to offer you a comprehensive and cost-effective removal service that meets all your needs.

Packing Service

As your items have even longer to travel when shipped internationally, it is recommended that you choose a reliable packing service. We can offer a professional packing service:

·         Smaller items are wrapped in paper then placed in strong cartons.

·         Furniture and larger items are wrapped in multi-layer wrappers.

·         Valuable and unusual items can be further protected by custom casing

·         Once packed, all items are marked with name, destination and inventory number, so as to make sure that everything arrives safely at your new home.

If you need a comprehensive international removals and shipping service that you can trust, contact us today for a free quote and more information.

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