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Office Removals

Whether you are moving a single office, or a whole business consisting of multiple offices, Britannia W Harris Moovit can offer a professional commercial removal service. We can assist with project management, professional removal of IT equipment, crate management and document storage and can provide specialist equipment.

Commercial Removal – Planning & Project Management

Good planning and coordination is important with every business move. We recommend that you appoint a project manager at an early stage, who can take care of the removal process and can coordinate a wide range of tasks. Outsourcing the project management for the commercial moving process also makes business sense, as it allows your key staff to focus on running the business.

Moving IT Equipment

As we understand the importance of technology in the modern workplace, we will ensure the safe removal of your IT equipment and will make sure that your company only has a minimum amount of downtime. We will wrap your IT equipment carefully in anti-static bubble wrap and techno- cartons to ensure maximum protection. We will also take care of unwrapping in your new offices and of placing everything on the appropriate desks.

Building protection

Ensuring the protection of your building and the safety of your staff and visitors during a commercial move is essential. We will also make sure to protect your buildings as appropriate.

Crate Management

Packing, unpacking and safe transportation are crucial for your commercial removal. We can manage the whole process from supply to collection and you can hire your crates from us. Crate hire has a unique order number and we keep a detailed record of all deliveries and collections. Crates will be placed in the designated areas by our delivery staff. You can choose to pack and unpack your office equipment yourself, but we can also provide a professional packing service.

Specialist Equipment

If you require any specialist equipment for furniture such as fire proof cabinets or safes, we have a wide range of specialist equipment to choose from.

Document Storage and Records Management

If you need business storage facilities, Britannia W. Harris Moovit can offer a comprehensive document storage and records management service. We have a number of different packages you can choose from to suit your needs. If you need a professional commercial removal service or business storage, contact us for a free quote and to find out more.

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