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Document and Archive Storage

Britannia depots across the UK have safe and secure storage facilities specifically designed to store your document archives. All documents are stored in dry, airtight containers that are confidential and have 24 hour security.

Bespoke Document Storage

All companies have a statutory need to retain their company records including original documentation for at least six years from the end of a companies financial tax year. Economic document archiving is a necessity. Britannia Archive Storage offer simple, cost effective solutions to all the off-site document and data storage needs of your business.

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Flexible retrieval and delivery

Hard copy documents can be retrieved and delivered on a same day, next day or emergency basis. The solution to your document archive storage problems couldn’t be simpler.

Safely Stored

All Britannia Document Storage depots have state-of-the-art monitored security alarms, CCTV and advanced fire and smoke detection systems.

Secure Shredding

Security does not stop when you cease to require access to document archives. All items received by Britannia Archive Storage have a mandatory review date. This ensures that you do not have to pay for document storage for a defunct archive. With your approval we will securely shred document archives that you no longer require.

The shredding process is documented to avoid errors and the actual shredding can take place at your premises or at the point of storage. Certificates of document archive destruction are always issued. All shredded paperwork is recycled. Britannia Archive Storage strive to be an eco-friendly company.

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