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The Ultimate Guide to Moving to New York and New England


New York state and the region of New England in the northeastern tip of the USA are highly desirable destinations for anyone looking to start a new life in a cosmopolitan area bursting with innovation and opportunity.

New England, the region just north of New York State, includes Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island and Connecticut. The areas combined are home to some of the most powerful cities in the world

Britannia Movers can assist with your move to New York Cityincluding New York City, Boston, Washington DC and Philadelphia.

Whilst New York and New England are famous for their influential cities, the area is also abundant in breathtaking landscapes, mountain ranges and national parks, including one of the largest waterfalls in the world, Niagara Falls.

Choosing Where to Live

If you’ve decided to move to the Big Apple or the surrounding area but are not sure exactly where, this guide will help you discover more about New York and the adjacent states and provide you with some useful details you may need before your big move.

When it comes to making the decision and choosing where to live, you need to be sure of the
key requirements for you and your family if they are moving too. The northeastern region of the USA is an incredibly popular location for individuals seeking a new life and can offer some fantastic experiences and a range of lifestyles.


Popular Destinations

The Statue of Liberty is a famous landmark to visit when moving to New York

New York City

The city of New York is a hugely popular relocation destination for people from all over the world, offering some fantastic job opportunities in a range of areas including finance, business, law, arts, fashion, media and architecture. The city comprises of five different boroughs which differ quite significantly in terms of cost of living and lifestyle. The most famous borough is Manhattan which is hugely popular with city newcomers, other boroughs are Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens and Staten Island.

New York City is abundant in world­ renowned landmarks which will keep you amused for months as you explore your new home. Places to visit include Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, the 9/11 Memorial, Coney Island and the Upper East Side. New York is a varied municipal offering you all manner of cuisines, nightlife, theatre and entertainment options, anything really does go in this remarkable city and if you can’t find it in NYC you really won’t find it anywhere.

Washington City is a popular destination to live in when moving to New York

Washington DC

Neither a city nor a state, the district capital of the USA, Washington DC, is home to some interesting architectural and cultural projects. When the city was built in 1792 it was pre ­designed by Pierre Charles L’Enfant based on city models in Europe such as Paris, Amsterdam and Milan. Height restrictions apply to buildings in the district which result in a less dominating skyline than New York. However, unfortunately this has been blamed for the lack of affordable property. As the USA’s capital, Washington DC has many interesting attractions and cultural activities such as district events, historical monuments, zoos, theatres, museums, bike tours and not to mention of course, The White House.


Boston, the capital of Massachusetts, is a central hub for innovation and academia in the US. With Harvard University just across the river in Cambridge and a number of other internationally respected universities in and around the metropolis, you’ll find many students and young entrepreneurs living in the city. If you’re a fan of baseball, Boston is a great choice as it is the home of the famous Red Sox. Their legendary stadium, Fenway Park can be found in the middle of the city making it easily accessible to all. You’ll also feel right at home in Boston as many of the boroughs and regions are named after towns, cities and counties from the UK such as Chelsea, Cambridge, Brighton, Dorchester, Hyde Park and more, following the colonisation of the area by British explorers in the 1600s.

Moving to New York and New England

Britannia Movers safely transport your possessions when moving to New York

Moving Your Possessions

When moving to your new home in New York, New England or indeed wherever you choose to relocate, the idea of leaving all your beloved possessions and furniture behind and starting afresh can be somewhat distressing. Britannia Movers offer a professional and stress­free moving service allowing you to bring everything you love with you to your new home and ensure a feeling of security and comfort as you start your new life abroad. Britannia Movers will even pack all your belongings for you so that you don’t have to.

Moving your Pets

If you decide to take your pet with you to your new home in America it’s important to plan in advance as there are some important documents your pet will need. Luckily, as the UK is a ‘rabies ­free’ country pets can arrive in the USA from the UK without the need for quarantine. However, you must arrange in advance for your pet to have all the required vaccinations and for your vet to supply you with the relevant certificates required as proof. Animals that cannot be vaccinated against rabies such as puppies and kittens that are too young, may be bought with you as long as a confinement agreement is completed to ensure the animal is adequately vaccinated against rabies.

If you are flying to your new home and your pet is small enough to fit in a box under an airplane seat then it might be possible for you to take your pet in the cabin with you as you travel. If it is any larger, then it will need to travel in the live animal section of the cargo hold so it’s important that you speak to your vet to make sure your pet is in good health for this type of journey. Your vet may offer you advice on any medication you could give your pet to make the journey easier for them. Airlines will also require a health certificate for your pet. There is no standard format for this document so make sure you check the rules and regulations of the airline you are flying with. British Airways, American Airlines and Iberia all have Pet Travel Schemes allowing you to take pets on their aircrafts.

Britannia Movers can introduce customers to a specialist company that can provide an expert service in animal transport and can help you with all aspects of moving your pet from the UK to New York ensuring it is a stress­free and simple process for both of you.

Britannia can offer tax advice for our customers planning a move to New York


A number of items are prohibited from entering the USA and must not be bought with you in either your carry on or cargo luggage. These items including absinthe, Cuban cigars or any Cuban merchandise, drugs and drug paraphernalia, meat products, alcohol ­filled candy, lottery tickets, fireworks and switchblades. There are also strict limitations in the amount of tax­free alcohol and cigarettes you can bring with you. Each adult can bring up to one litre of wine, beer or liquor, 100 cigars and 200 cigarettes. Quantities above these limits are subject to duty and federal excise taxes. We also work in partnership with Autosource, for those looking to buy in the US or Canada. They can help purchase the car and secure a loan without credit history in the US.

Motor Vehicles

Whether you plan to bring your car or motorbike to the USA might depend on how long you intend to stay in America. There are some strict standards that apply to motor vehicles in terms of safety and emission levels, so if your car will be in the USA for longer than one year it must conform to these rules. Due to their design, cars from the UK do not tend to naturally comply with these standards and will more than likely need to be modified in order to meet the requirements.

Britannia can offer currency exchange advice for those moving to New York


The local currency in the USA is the U.S. dollar (USD). It is also the most used currency in international transactions. U.S. dollars are available in banknote denominations of $1, $2, $5,$10, $20, $50, $100. If you plan to exchange your money before you move to the USA, make sure you check with various bureau de change and check the markets throughout the weeks before you leave as the exchange rate and charges can vary dramatically from day to day and company to company. It is possible to bring the equivalent of up to $10,000 USD into the USA. If you are bringing more than this with you, you must file Form 4790 with the United States Customs Service. It’s also worth checking it’s possible to make international transactions with your credit card and have both VISA and Mastercard options just in case. Britannia Movers offer money transfer services through our partner, IFX to help you find the most efficient and cost effective way to move your money.Travelling to New York

Travelling to New York from the UK

The easiest way to get to New York from the UK is by plane. John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) is the main travel hub in the region with many airlines offering direct flights from London and across the world. Airlines offering direct flights include BA, American Airlines, Delta, and Virgin Atlantic. Ticket prices vary greatly and it´s worth looking out for special offers and sales for the best options. If you’re nervous about flying but are desperate to set your feet on American soil it’s worth considering a transatlantic cruise. Cruises from Southampton to New York are 7 days and all inclusive prices can be similar to an airfare ticket.


British passport holders are able to enter the USA without the need of a Visa through the US Visa Waiver Programme (VWP). The programme lasts for up to 90 days, after which tourists must either leave the country or continue on another type of Visa such as a work or student Visa. However, anyone travelling to the USA via the VWP must provide details of their itinerary in advance online. This is known as an Electronic System for Travel Authorisation or ESTA. If you don’t have an ESTA you’ll be refused entry to the USA. If you have already been offered a job in New York then your new company will more than likely arrange your work Visa for you.

Information about living in New York and New EnglandLiving in New York and New England

Finding a Job

If you haven’t already found a job before your move to New York it’s worth considering the types of jobs you would be willing to have while you look for something more permanent. If you want to start working right away its worth planning a trip to your chosen city in advance of your move so that you can attend interviews. There are a number of ways to find work such as online jobs boards and websites, recruitment companies, LinkedIn, and local and statewide newspapers. If there is a specific company you have in mind its worth sending them an introductory email enquiring about any vacancies and highlighting how you can uniquely benefit the organisation. The average monthly salary in New York after tax is around $5,000 which is much higher than most other places in the world but be prepared for a fierce and competitive job market.The following table shows typical monthly salaries in New York across a range of industry sectors.

Independent Jobs900 USD
Electrical and Electronics Trades1,075 USD
Courier / Delivery / Transport / Drivers2,200 USD
Real Estate2,500 USD
Human Resources2,972 USD
Recreation and Sports3,333 USD
Fundraising and Non Profit3,446 USD
Facilities / Maintenance / Repair3,892 USD
Administration / Reception / Secretarial3,897 USD
Gardening / Farming / Fishing4,000 USD
Import and Export4,125 USD
Teaching / Education4,442 USD
Publishing and Printing4,472 USD
Environmental4,579 USD
Fashion and Apparel4,615 USD
Marketing4,805 USD
Public Relations4,816 USD
Media / Broadcasting / Arts / Entertainment4,890 USD
Telecommunication4,917 USD
Fitness / Hair / Beauty5,000 USD
Factory and Manufacturing5,098 USD
Food /Hospitality / Tourism / Catering5,383 USD
Sales Retail and Wholesale5,466 USD
Counseling5,507 USD
Legal5,583 USD
Architecture5,659 USD
Customer Service and Call Center5,664 USD
Construction / Building / Installation6,003 USD
Business Planning6,239 USD
Science and Technical Services6,361 USD
Insurance6,644 USD
Health and Medical6,804 USD
Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology6,850 USD
Purchasing and Inventory7,021 USD
Engineering7,406 USD
Information Technology7,799 USD
Advertising / Grapic Design / Event Management7,923 USD
Accounting and Finance8,252 USD
Banking8,347 USD
Quality Control and Compliance10,417 USD
Executive and Management11,980 USD
Airlines / Aviation / Aerospace / Defense12,917 USD

Cost of Living

The following table details some general costs of living in New York.

Restaurants and bars

Meal at inexpensive restaurant (one course)$15.00 USD
Mid­range restaurant (three courses)$50.00 USD
Beer$6.00 USD
Coffee$4.00 USD
Soft Drink$1.70 USD


Milk (1l)$1.32 USD
Cheese (1kg)$10.92 USD
Loaf of Fresh Bread$2.90 USD
12 Eggs$3.09 USD
Apples (1kg)$3.93 USD
Tomatoes (1kg)$4.35 USD
Chicken Breasts (1kg)$8.12 USD
Potatoes (1kg)$1.92 USD
Rice (1kg)$3.25 USD

Sports and Leisure

Monthly Gym Membership$93.00 USD
Tennis Court Hire$26.00 USD
Cinema Ticket$13.50 USD


One way ticket$2.50 USD
Monthly pass$112.00 USD
Gasoline (1l)$1.06 USD


Basic (electricity, heating, water, garbage)$161.05 USD
Internet$47.00 USD

Buying and renting a house in New York and New England

Buying and Renting

If you decide to live in the city, most Americans choose an apartment because it is safe and secure. Unlike flats in the UK, inner city apartments are usually quite spacious. If an apartment is not for you, and you simply cannot live without outdoor space you will need to consider moving further out of the city into the suburbs. In this case you will be likely to find a large home with a good­sized garden for a similar price to a smaller property in the UK.Due to the costs involved in buying in the USA, unless you plan to stay in the same home for more than six years, or indeed buy outright, renting is the more financially viable option.

There are a wide range of renting opportunities in New York and prices vary hugely depending on the area you choose. To live in the more exclusive parts of Manhattan the prices can be as high as $4,000 USD per month for a 1 bedroom apartment, however a more economical option could be Brooklyn with prices as low as $1,000 USD per month.



Britannia advises on the climate in New York and New England

Much like the UK, the climate in New York and New England varies greatly from season to season. During the winter, metres of snow fall each year, whilst in the summer, balmy temperatures are reached daily. For the months of January and February temperatures average below freezing and city dwellers can be seen buried in hats, scarves, gloves and huge wooly coats. In July and August a warm 30 degrees celsius average offers the perfect weather for parks and outdoor tourist hotspots. The region can and has experienced some severe weather conditions over the past 100 years such as tornadoes and hurricanes, though most are fairly non­destructive and those that are, are few and far between.


New York and New England are abundant in internationally recognised schools and universities, which are known for offering the best education in America. From private Ivy League Harvard University to the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York there are a huge range of opportunities for students to gain invaluable knowledge and skills in their chosen sector.


Food and Drink

New York is home to some of the best restaurants in the world and they don’t all come with a giant price tag. Depending on your tastes you’ll be able to find almost any cuisine in the city with the the most popular being American easy diners, burger joints, BBQ and Soul food restaurants and pizzerias. You’ll also find a plethora of Asian cuisines, with sushi bars, chinese and thai restaurants in abundance. And don’t forget the good old Irish or British style pub restaurant that will be guaranteed to have you feeling right at home with traditional music, beer on tap and good old steak and ale pie on the menu.

Britannia Movers ultimate guide to moving to New York and New England


New York is notoriously known as the ‘city that never sleeps’ and with an eclectic mix of entertainment and nightlife you won’t ever be lost for something to see or do. Take a trip downtown to a hedonistic nightclub or head to a show on Broadway. Ticket prices are affordable and combined with dinner and cocktails you’ll have a truly Sex in the City style evening that even Carrie would be envious of.


There are up to 800 languages spoken in northeastern USA making it the most linguistically diverse area in the world. Accents and dialects vary hugely and include the New York City dialect with latino influences and Western New England country accents. This means that communication can sometimes be quite difficult and a great deal of patience is required as you adjust to life in your new home.

National holidays in the USA

2014 National Holidays in the USA

  • 1st January 2014 ­ New Year’s Day
  • 20th January 2014 ­ Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. (Third Monday of January)
  • 17th February 2014 ­ Washington’s Birthday (Third Monday of February)
  • 25th May 2014 ­ Memorial Day (Final Monday of May)
  • 4th July 2014 ­ Independence Day
  • 1st September 2014 ­ Labour Day (First Monday of September)
  • 13th October 2014 ­ Columbus Day (Second Monday of October)
  • 11th November 2014 ­ Veterans Day
  • 27th November 2014 ­ Thanksgiving (Fourth Thursday of November)
  • 25th December ­ Christmas Day

Places to Visit

The Niagara Falls is a popular landmark near to New York and New England

Niagara Falls

One of the largest waterfalls in the world, Niagara Falls not only offers breathtaking views but also makes for a great holiday destination for couples and families alike, as the area is dotted with good value hotels, restaurants and attractions. During the summer there are a whole host of events such as free concerts, festivals and exhibitions taking place and there is even a wine trail for wine enthusiasts. Niagara Falls state park is rich in wildlife and glorious landscapes and is also highly protected, offering some great outdoor tours, hikes and wildlife trails.

The Hamptons

Located on the easternmost tip of Long Island The Hamptons are a group of coastside villages and hamlets which, during the summer months become a playground for the rich and famous of New York. The area makes for the perfect holiday retreat with plenty of luxury leisure activities such as sailing, golf, fishing, surfing, restaurants and nightlife and not to mention beautiful beaches, to keep its occupants entertained.

Beautiful landscape in New England


Nicknamed the ‘Pinetree State’ and also the ‘Lighthouse State’, Maine is the perfect holiday destination for lovers of the Great Outdoors. With rivers, lakes, coasts, mountain ranges and expansive forests, Maine offers a wealth of exciting outdoor pursuits. Whether it’s camping in the North Woods, hiking around Moosehead Lake, saltwater fishing along the Mid Coast or a trip to the Acadia National Park, there is so much to see and do in this glorious state.

More about New York and New England…

Interesting facts

  • The infamous Woodstock Festival was held in New York in 1969 and held a pivotal role in the counterculture generation.
  • The first naval battle of the Revolutionary War was fought off Machias, Maine in 1775.
  • The Ted Williams Tunnel in Boston at 90 feet below the surface is the deepest tunnel in North America.
  • Chittenango in Madison County in the state of New York is the home of the writer of The Wizard of Oz. Within the village there are pavements painted yellow and an annual Munchkin parade in honour of the much loved story.
  • The first ship built by English colonists in Americas was launched on the Kennebec River in Maine in 1607.
  • The Boston University Bridge is one of the only places in the world where a boat can sail under a train passing under a car driving under a plane.
  • The most valuable art theft in USA history happened in Boston in 1990 where 12 paintings worth $10million were stolen from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.
  • 90% of America´s lobster supply is caught off the coast of Maine. Almost 40 million pounds in total.
  • In 1891 Dr James Naismith invented Basketball in Springfield, MA. Four years later, William Morgan invented volleyball in nearby Holyoke MA.
  • William Penn gave Philadelphia the nickname “The City of Brotherly Love” because he wanted it to be a place where people could live in peace and harmony free of religious oppression.
  • Before Washington DC became the capital of the United States, other cities that served as capital include New York, Philadelphia and Annapolis.
  • DC stands for District of Columbus named after Christopher Columbus the Italian explorer.
  • The University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia was America´s first ever university
If you’re planning an international house move, Britannia Movers can support you in all aspects of it, ensuring everything is taken care of. Call us on 0845 600 6661 or email for more information. 
For additional details on the practicalities of a move to the USA, you can find more information here.