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Moving To New South Wales From The UK

Moving to New South WalesMoving to New South Wales is a big step – and a popular one for a lot of British citizens. This thriving, unique country offers big, metropolitan areas with a beach on almost every doorstep, contrasted with the vast outback where your nearest neighbour may be hundreds of miles away.

With a high quality of life, great healthcare and a praised education system, it’s easy to see why moving to New South Wales is such a popular choice. If you’re planning a move to New South Wales, you’ll want to enlist a professional removal company to take care of the many stages of the move. Let Britannia Movers International help you manage it and alleviate some of the inevitable stress that comes with emigrating to New South Wales.

Removal Service to New South Wales

Britannia Movers International is an international removal company that has been helping expats move to New South Wales for many years. We take care of every stage of the moving process, so that everything goes smoothly and your stress levels are kept to a minimum. Initially, we’ll come to your home and go through an extensive questionnaire with you to establish everything you want to take with you, anything that needs to go into storage and how much assistance you’ll need. We can also work out what additional services you may require and what your budget and time constraints may be.

Storage Facilities in New South Wales

For any surplus items, we’ll arrange for these to be held in one of our storage facilities until you need them and can arrange for them to be shipped over to New South Wales when you’re settled in if required. As part of our international storage offering, we can also arrange for your belongings to be stored in a depot in New South Wales as well – a popular option to consider if your items arrive in your new home country before you do!

International Removals to New South Wales

If you want to move to New South Wales, you will need to ensure you have the right visa and it’s likely that you’ll need a job waiting for you as well. Customs can be a lengthy process accompanied by a lot of paperwork, so let Britannia take some of the burden for you. When you choose an international removal service to New South Wales, the Britannia team takes care of a lot of the paperwork. Your belongings will be subject to customs checks and a full inventory will be required, with paperwork being completed before your items leave the UK. Duty free entry is granted as long as you’ve owned the items for at least 12 months, but Britannia will give you all the right forms and ensure the detailed inventory accompanies your belongings when they are shipped to New South Wales.

Bear in mind that there is a comprehensive list of prohibited and restricted items that you cannot bring into New South Wales, so make sure you don’t land yourself in hot water before you’ve even left the UK.

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