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Moving To Belgium From The UK

Moving to Belgium

Whether you are moving to Brussels, Antwerp or Charleroi, Britannia Movers International has the expertise and the local knowledge to tailor the move to your specific needs.


Importing Personal Effects to Belgium

Belgium is a member of the European Union, and as The UK has now left the EU, new rules apply to movement of goods between the UK and EU Countries. Please bear in mind that all shipments to the EU from the UK will now have to clear customs on arrival and you must ensure you can provide all relevant customs documents required at destination. Your contact at your local Britannia office will assist you with which forms are necessary along with what supporting documentation you will need to provide. However, the responsibility for completion and submission of these forms now falls with the customer and it is advisable that all these formalities are prepared for prior to the move to avoid potential delays in transportation and additional charges.

Britannia will give you specific advice prior to your move.


Prohibitions and Restrictions

In general it is in your interest not to import the following items:

  • Firearms & ammunition
  • Inflammable goods & substances
  • Plants & plant material
  • Foodstuffs, perishables or otherwise
  • Narcotics and dangerous goods
  • Offensive materials
  • Alcohol & Tobacco

Transit Times

Transit times can vary subject to the method of transport chosen, size of your consignment and the final destination. Britannia will advise you once this information is established.

Bar Coding

Bar Coding

All shared load consignments will be bar coded before they are loaded into the vehicle. This will ensure that no items are left at origin.


Domestic Pets

Britannia can recommend a specialised shipper of animals to assist you in sending your family pet(s) from home to home. They will coordinate all documentation and necessary veterinary procedures.

Find out more about pet transport.


Moving Motor Vehicles To Belgium

Motor vehicles can be imported to Belgium duty free, provided they have less than 6000 km and have been owned for at least 6 months. Importation will also be subject to compliance, and any tax or duty to be paid will depend on the value, year and model of your vehicle.

International currency exchange

International FX

When you are making international payments for individuals you can benefit from IFX expertise in seeking the best possible rate, whether you are sending or receiving foreign currency.

IFX can help to protect you from exchange rate fluctuations and save you time and money on international payments.

IFX offers :

  • International payments
  • Regular Overseas Transfers
  • Prepaid Currency Card
  • Forward Contracts

More info on the IFX website.

Moving to Belgium With Britannia

Your Move to Belgium with Britannia – Britannia has established a long standing and successful relationship with a network of dedicated removers who will assist you with your destination services. Belgium has always been a popular European destination for people looking to move abroad. Consequently Britannia has been providing an excellent shipping and removal service to this location for many years. Household and personal effects can be transported to Belgium in various ways; overland by road van, by sea containers or by air.

Packing and Delivery – We can provide a full door to door removal service, and unpack your belongings on arrival. Although there will be insurance implications you retain the right not to have some or all items unpacked should you choose. Alternative destination services are available subject to final destination and method of transport.

Additional Removal Services – Britannia can provide a variety of additional services when moving to Belgium. We are authorised to provide a comprehensive insurance, can arrange international storage prior to delivery, recommend a convenient way to transfer your money, and can also take care of your pet transport.

If you are interested in moving to Belgium, find out more about your removal costs, and read more about Britannia’s European and international removals.

Living in Belgium

Expats moving to Belgium will experience one of Europe’s most eclectic and diverse nations. Belgium can boast very high living standards, and unparalleled cultural variety. Brussels, the capital is a centre of international politics, and houses many important EU institutions. Antwerp is a dynamic city with one of the largest seaports in Europe, while Bruges is a beautiful historic city, and its city centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Located in the heart of Europe bordered by the Netherlands, France, Germany and Luxembourg, Belgium is a parliamentary democracy and a constitutional, popular monarchy. The country is divided into two main cultural and linguistic groups, the Dutch-speakers, who are mostly Flemish and the French-speaking Walloons, and there is also a small group of German speakers. While there are occasional political and cultural conflicts between these different linguistic groups, Belgium has a strong economy, and offers a very high standard of living, with a developed education, housing, health and transportation infrastructure.

Belgium is often seen as a melting pot of different cultures, and Belgians are usually seen as having a sophisticated taste – whether it comes to gastronomy or arts -, but being rather reserved at the same time. The language barrier, and the linguistic differences within the country could pose a challenge for an expat moving to Belgium. French and English are widely spoken in Brussels for example, but if you are relocating to the north, Dutch will be the most widely-spoken language.

Interesting Facts About Belgium

  • Belgium is famous for its beers, chocolates, and waffles. There are over 800 kinds of beers made in Belgium, and the country produces more than 220,000 tonnes of chocolate per year.
  • Belgium is one of the most densely populated countries in the world, with a population density similar to that of Japan or India.
  • Belgium has three official language: French is spoken in the south, Dutch in the north, and German is spoken in a small region in the east.
  • The only man-made structure visible from the moon is the Belgian motorway system, visible during the night due to the lights along the highway.

Moving to and Living in Belgium

  • EU and EEA nationals do not need a visa or a work permit to enter Belgium. You will have to register at the local town hall within eight working days of arrival (The UK has since left the EU).
  • Belgium has a high quality education system, and attending school is compulsory until the age of 18. If you are moving to Belgium with your children, consider different alternatives in the area you’re moving to, or English-speaking international schools if you are not planning to stay permanently.
  • Living and housing costs in Belgium are generally higher than costs in the UK, though salaries are also higher, and you’ll be able to enjoy a better living standards.
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