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Moving To China From The UK

Moving to China

If you’re moving to China Britannia Movers International will be able to help you through each step of the process. Whether you’re moving to one of the big cities like Shanghai or Beijing or to the rural provinces on the coast, Britannia has the local knowledge and expertise to meet your needs.


Importing Personal Effects to China

All shipments of appliances, furniture, bedding and other items are dutiable. Electrical items must be itemised with make, model and serial no. Video tapes/CDs will be held for additional scrutiny. The shipper must obtain a Chinese Residency card on arrival, and then apply for an import permit for the effects. The shipment must arrive within 6 months of issue of permit. Various documentation is required for clearance, including a Baggage Declaration Form from customs, obtained at time of personal arrival. There are different requirements for returning Chinese Citizens, and News Agency personnel. You Britannia member will supply detailed customs requirements.


Prohibitions and Restrictions

In general it is in your interest not to import the following items:

  • Firearms & ammunition
  • Inflammable goods & substances
  • Plants & plant material
  • Foodstuffs, perishables or otherwise
  • Narcotics and dangerous goods
  • Offensive materials
  • Alcohol & Tobacco

Transit Times

Sole use containers take an average of 7 – 8 weeks. Crated consignments may take longer, on average between 8 and 10 weeks.

Bar Coding

Bar Coding

All Groupage consignments will be bar coded before they are loaded into the shipping container. This will ensure that no items are left at origin.


Domestic Pets

Britannia can recommend a specialised shipper of animals to assist you in sending your family pet(s) from home to home. They will coordinate all documentation and necessary veterinary procedures.

Find out more about pet transport.


Importing Motor Vehicles To China

It is possible to import motor vehicles into China but there are a few restrictions you need to be aware of. Only cars suited for driving on the right hand side, i.e. where the driver seat is on the left, are legal to drive on China’s roads. To drive in China you need to have a Chinese license which can only be obtained from the police.

International currency exchange

International FX

When you are making international payments for individuals you can benefit from IFX expertise in seeking the best possible rate, whether you are sending or receiving foreign currency.

IFX can help to protect you from exchange rate fluctuations and save you time and money on international payments.

IFX offers :

  • International payments
  • Regular Overseas Transfers
  • Prepaid Currency Card
  • Forward Contracts

More info on the IFX website.

Moving to China with Britannia

Your Move to China With Britannia – Britannia has a dedicated network of removers who will assist you with moving to China. We provide computer tracking and bar coding for groupage consignments, to ensure a safe and reliable shipping service to China. Your household goods can be transported to China in sea containers or by air. We can also provide packing and a full door to door service to China.

Additional removal services – Britannia can provide a variety of additional services when moving to China. We are authorised to provide a comprehensive insurance, can arrange storage prior to delivery, and can also take care of your pet transport.

Living in China

China is fascinating country with rich cultural traditions. It is one of the largest economies in the world and is the manufacturing hub for goods which are exported across the globe. Many Westerners move to China for business and work purposes as China’s major cities like Beijing and Shanghai are home to the headquarters of some of the world’s largest financial organisations.

As well as major cities China has vast rural areas. In most of Chinese rural areas you will find the pace of life is much slower than in the busy built-up cities. In the country side many farmers use traditional methods of farming that have been in practice for thousands of years.

China’s presence and importance on the world stage is only going to increase in the coming years. Moving to China presents great commercial and business opportunities and in a country with so much culture and heritage it’s safe to say you’ll never be bored living there.

Interesting Facts About China

  • China is considered to be the world’s oldest civilisation with historians pointing to 600BC as the dawn of Chinese civilisation
  • Paper, gunpowder, the compass and printing were all invented in China
  • One of China’s most popular hobbies is stamp collecting
  • Despite China’s vast size the country operates under one time zone

Tips about moving to and living in China

  • Before moving to China you will need a visa that will allow you to stay in the country for as long as you require. The most effective way of obtaining a Chinese visa is to secure employment with an organisation that has a significant presence in China.
  • There are English speaking international schools all across China. Most of these schools offer classes and courses which work towards the International Baccalaureate. It’s also possible to find private teachers that will provide support for students studying GCSEs and A-Levels. This can be particularly useful if your children are spending a relatively short time in China, six months to a year, before returning to the UK.
  • Living and housing costs in China are significantly lower than in most European countries, and you’ll be able to live comfortably on a much smaller budget.

Key Information

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Time Zone:

China Standard Time (UTC+8)

Currency: Chinese yuan (renminbi) (¥) (CNY)
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