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Moving To Egypt From The UK

Moving to Egypt

Whether you are moving to Cairo, Alexandria or Luxor, Britannia Movers International has the experience and the local knowledge to tailor the move to your individual needs.


Importing Personal Effects to Egypt

Shipments of used household and personal effects are dutiable and must be imported within six months from the shippers personal arrival. A work permit and/or six month residence permit is required. A Bank Guarantee or cash deposit covering the duties must be lodged with customs. If the effects are re-exported these charges are normally reimbursed. Serial numbers of electrical appliances must be written on the packing list. Your local Britannia Member will provide you with detailed customs regulations. Britannia and our agents will assist you with completion of customs formalities. To assist us with this please let us have a copy of your passport (and visa if applicable). The required documentation will be supplied to you on arrival.


Prohibitions and Restrictions

In general it is in your interest not to import the following items:

  • Firearms & ammunition
  • Inflammable goods & substances
  • Plants & plant material
  • Foodstuffs, perishables or otherwise
  • Narcotics and dangerous goods
  • Offensive materials
  • Alcohol & Tobacco

Transit Times

Sole use containers take an average of 4 – 5 weeks. Crated consignments take longer, on average between 6 – 7 weeks.

Bar Coding

Bar Coding

All Groupage consignments will be bar coded before they are loaded into the shipping container. This will ensure that no items are left at origin.


Domestic Pets

Britannia can recommend a specialised shipper of animals to assist you in sending your family pet(s) from home to home. They will coordinate all documentation and necessary veterinary procedures.

Find out more about pet transport.


Moving Motor Vehicles to Egypt

The import of motor vehicles in certain circumstances may be allowed, although dutiable. Check with your local Britannia member. Diesel cars are not permitted.

International currency exchange

International FX

When you are making international payments for individuals you can benefit from IFX expertise in seeking the best possible rate, whether you are sending or receiving foreign currency.

IFX can help to protect you from exchange rate fluctuations and save you time and money on international payments.

IFX offers :

  • International payments
  • Regular Overseas Transfers
  • Prepaid Currency Card
  • Forward Contracts

More info on the IFX website.

Moving to Egypt With Britannia

Your Move to Egypt with Britannia – Britannia can offer you a door to door shipping service to Egypt, and can either ship your effects by sole use container, or for smaller shipments in a wooden crate (LCL). In addition we can offer a door to door airfreight service to some destinations in Egypt. Our agents in Alexandria will arrange customs clearance, and deliver and unpack the effects, including removal of debris on day of delivery.

Additional Removal Services – Britannia can provide a variety of additional removal services when moving to Egypt. We are authorised to provide comprehensive insurance, can arrange storage prior to delivery, and can also take care of your pet transport.

If you are interested in moving to Egypt, find out your removal costs, and read more about our international removals and additional removal services, such as money transfer or pet transport.

Living in Egypt

Egypt Safety Information

After weeks of protests that broke out in January 2011 centring on Cairo, Hosni Mubarak stepped down in February and power was handed over to the military. Violent protests and rioting continue as of June 2011, and the overall political situation is Egypt is currently rather unstable and unpredictable. Britannia Movers International recommends that until the political situation becomes more stable, those planning to travel or relocate to Egypt put their plans on hold. For up-to-date information, check out the Foreign & Commonwealth Office’s information on Egypt.

While Egypt has been a popular holiday destination for decades, it is not a primary destination for expats relocating for professional reasons or to look for new financial opportunities. However, if you are looking for a different lifestyle and adventures, Egypt, a country that gave birth to one of the first great civilisations can be an exciting expat destination. It is the not only the cultural centre of the Arab world, but has innumerable sites to explore from the ancient pyramids to temples, minarets and the stunning Red Sea.

Egypt is primarily located in Northern Africa with the Sinai Peninsula stretching into Southwest Asia to form a land bridge, and is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea, the Gaza Strip, Israel, Libya and Sudan. The country is one of the most populous in Africa, with an estimated 80 million inhabitants mostly concentrated near the banks of the Nile River. Egypt’s economy depends mainly on agriculture, tourism, and petroleum exports. Although the country has seen economic reforms in the last decade, and investors can certainly find some emerging markets and opportunities, Egypt’s economy is not as developed and industrialised as Western Europe.

Most expats are drawn to Egypt in search of a more exciting lifestyle and new adventures, and the country can be an ideal expat destination. You should however be aware of some important cultural differences and women should be prepared to find a more male-oriented society in Egypt. While the country is certainly not as unsafe as some other Arab or African countries, pay special attention to the current political situation in Egypt.

Interesting Facts About Egypt

  • Egypt’s capital, Cairo is the largest city in Africa and the Middle East.
  • Egyptians were among the first people to invent writing, paper and ink.
  • The pyramids in Egypt are the last remaining ancient wonders of the world.
  • Apart from the areas surrounding the Nile River, most of the land in Egypt is desert.
  • 80-90% of the population in Egypt are Muslims.

Tips About Moving To and Living in Egypt

  • If you are planning to move to Egypt permanently, you will need to obtain an Egyptian entry visa, as a first step. You will need to be a skilled worker, the spouse of an Egyptian national or a professional for a chance to gain permanent residency.
  • Most expats find employment in Cairo or other major cities, teaching English, working for NGOs, in the media industry or the emerging IT industry. Try to secure employment before moving to Egypt if you are moving there permanently.
  • There are a number of British and American international schools in Egypt, located mainly in major cities.
  • Living and housing costs will be significantly lower in Egypt than in the UK.

Key Information

Egypt Moving To Egypt From The UK
Time Zone:

EET (UTC+2) - Summer (DST)

Currency: Egyptian pound (EGP)
Calling Code: +20


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