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Moving To Christchurch From The UK

Moving to Christchurch is a big step and one that takes a lot of time, patience and planning.

Britannia Movers International specialises in moves to New Zealand and many of our customers head to the stunning city of Christchurch on a weekly basis. If you’re thinking about emigrating to New Zealand, then look no further for a reliable, efficient and friendly removal service.

Moving to Christchurch with Britannia

Our international removal service is tailored to each individual, so we’ll be able to meet your exact requirements, rather than forcing you to fit into our generic removal process. We’ll come to your home and go through a comprehensive moving questionnaire with you. We need to know what items you want to take, what is going to be left behind, whether anything needs to go into storage and if you’d like assistance with packing everything or need any packing materials. We’ll also establish what your budget is and whether you have any set time frames to stick to.

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This questionnaire may take a while, but it means we can create a detailed moving plan, so that we know what is happening and when. You can then relax safe in the knowledge that the international removal team at Britannia will take care of everything. If you do need any help with packing, we can provide you with all the materials including cartons, crates, bubble wrap, parcel tape and even portable wardrobes for all of your clothes. Our professional packing team will wrap everything for you and load it up onto the shipping containers if you’d prefer not to do this yourself. All of our packers are professionally trained so you can rest assured that your items will be securely wrapped and safely shipped to Christchurch. You can also take out insurance for your goods as well, if you want that fallback security.

International shipping service to Christchurch

Our shipping services will see your items loaded into a container, but if you have fewer items, we’ll share the shipping container with another consignment, removing the need for you to pay for unused space. The journey to Christchurch can take up to 14 weeks, so you’d be wise to send your items on far in advance of your departure date, giving them chance to arrive at around the same time you do. We can arrange for air freight to get your items there faster, but it does up the costs considerably, so most people opt for traditional shipping and work their timeframes around that. It is however, a good option to have if there are some items that you need urgently.

Be aware that once your belongings actually arrive in New Zealand, you could find yourself waiting for another two weeks to have everything cleared by customs. If there’s anything unusual or you’re having pets flown over to live with you, these things can also cause delays. We can work with our partners to put you in touch with people who can arrange pet transport for you though, making the transition easier on you. The laws for pets in New Zealand are very strict, so make sure you have the full details before embarking on your move.

Additional international services to Christchurch

Britannia Movers International can take care of every stage of your move, from the initial survey, to the unpacking of everything at your new home. Our door-to-door service will manage the entire removal process, so you can settle into your new life in Christchurch without having to worry about any little stresses along the way. If you want your vehicle transported to New Zealand, we can arrange this with our partners and also put you in touch with the right people to help you with money management and currency exchange.

When you move to Christchurch, you’ll find that all of your belongings need to be backed up by a detailed inventory that is handed over to the authorities. This paperwork is not always the quickest to complete, so Britannia will take care of this for you, removing the pressure from you. We’ll ensure that all of your items are barcoded in the shipping containers, so that there is no confusion as to what items are where when they arrive in New Zealand. If you have some belongings that you want to put aside into storage, we’ll arrange this for you as well. We can have these things shipped over to you in Christchurch, once you’re all settled in or work with our partners to arrange for international storage instead.

If you’re thinking about moving to Christchurch, let Britannia Movers International manage things you. Our international removals service to New Zealand is exemplary and we’ll take care of every step of the move, getting involved as much or as little as you’d like. We tailor our services to you, so you get the experience you want and have a stress-free move to Christchurch. For more information, please give the Britannia team a call on 0845 600 6661. You might find our Ultimate Guide to moving to New Zealand helpful as well if you want more details about the country. Choose Britannia for your international removal to Christchurch and you’ll be in safe hands.

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