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Moving To Wellington From The UK

Britannia Movers International is one of the leading international removal companies providing services to Wellington, New Zealand.

If you’re thinking about moving to Wellington, you can rest assured that Britannia will move you there safely, efficiently and with the utmost professionalism. Our comprehensive international removal service is unparalleled and we are relied on the world over.

Moving to Wellington with Britannia

Many people choose to move to Wellington and with good reason. This stunning city has lots of open space, green fields and hills, and of course the beautiful harbour. It’s no wonder it’s considered to be one of the best cities to live by the Mercer International Quality of Living survey. Britannia Movers International helps dozens of people move to Wellington every week and we will assist in every stage of the move.

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We begin by going through a complex moving questionnaire with you to establish what exactly you want to take with you, what your budget and time constraints are and whether there are any additional services you need. Off the back of this questionnaire, we will create a complete moving plan that takes into account your requirements and book your move to Wellington into the diary. We’ll also provide you with all the packing materials you’ll need to prepare you for the move.

International shipping to Wellington

Britannia will provide you with a professional packing team. They’ll wrap your items and load them onto the shipping container, ensuring they’re as secure as possible. We can provide cartons, parcel tape and crates for you to pack your own items, or we’ll carefully wrap everything for you to keep it secure for the voyage. In addition, the Britannia door-to-door removal service to Wellington includes the unpacking of your items in New Zealand, so you don’t have to lift a finger. We also offer insurance for your peace of mind as well – a popular option as the sea can get quite choppy during the long journey to New Zealand.

Be aware that your items can take up to 14 weeks to arrive in New Zealand and they may then be subject to customs checks for another couple of weeks. You’ll need to provide a detailed inventory of everything as well, ensuring your belongings are all barcoded before they will be accepted into the country. The Britannia service will take care of this, rather than leaving you to figure it out yourself. We’ll have all the necessary paperwork completed for you including an inventory to take the pressure off and make sure your move to Wellington runs smoothly.

Additional international removal services in Wellington

You’d do well to book your shipping far in advance of your own journey, so that your items are ready for when you arrive. Britannia Movers International can offer international storage services as well though, if you need to keep some things secure before you move in. We’ll also store items in the UK for you and have these shipped over once you’re settled in if required. Our flexible approach means we can tailor the move to your needs, rather than you having to work around the service.

If you’re moving to Wellington, it’s possible that you will want to take any pets with you as well. The team at Britannia Movers International can put you in touch with one of our partners who takes care of pet transport abroad and they’ll be able to guide you through the process. We can also assist with vehicle shipping and we have a partner on hand to help you with money transfer and currency exchange if required. Any additional services you need can be taken care of by Britannia, or if we can’t sort it, we’ll put you in touch with the people who can.

At Britannia Movers International, we know how stressful it can be to move abroad, especially when you’re heading to the other side of the world. We pride ourselves on offering a complete, professional international removal service and we have become one of the leading removal companies in the UK as a result. Whether you want us to take care of everything from packing to insurance, or you just want us to arrange the shipping of your goods to Wellington, Britannia will work around you. Give us a call now on 0845 600 6661 and find out how easy it is to move to Wellington with our help. You can also check out our Ultimate Guide to moving to New Zealand, which tells you everything you need to know about this amazing country. Contact us now for a quote and a breakdown of our international removal service.

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