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Beat The Moving Day Hassle Factor

The main problem that home movers discover when moving day arrives is that they must empty their home in ordebritanniar for their solicitor to physically sell their house to the new owners and they cannot move into the new one until the money has been paid over to the vendors.


The hassle can start when they arrive at the new property to find that the previous owner has not yet moved out and the house won’t be empty until say 5pm or there has been a delay with the transfer of the money and the purchase will not be completed late that day or the following morning.


Cleaning up the old home once everything has been removed can take a lot of effort and most housewives like to clean the new home before their furniture is placed in position. There is precious little time for this if completion day is also the day when the furniture is moved into the new home and out of the old one.


It doesn’t have to be like that, it is possible to organise the loading out of the old house a day or two prior to completion day and delay delivery for a day or two to allow for cleaning up, steam cleaning existing carpets of getting new carpets or floor covering laid or even to decorate some of the rooms before the furniture is delivered.


Many removal firms offer a low cost ‘holdover’ service to enable home movers to choose their loading and delivery dates in order to suit their own needs.