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Fresh lick of paint

Over the last few months Britannia Harrison & Rowley has been transitioning back into a newly refurbished set of offices. Seeing as their sister company Britannia Pink & Jones have been built a very new and modern warehouse and offices, it was only fitting that Britannia Harrison & Rowley received some much-needed TLC, which came in the form of a complete re-fit.

The office has been rebuilt to house two separate offices and a large communal office for the staff. There is now a spacious board room and a refectory upstairs where staff can take a break – have lunch, read the provided magazines and papers or leisurely watch the tv or use the computer.

They have been fitted with new telephones and card machines; and a new welcoming reception area for visitors popping in for a chat about their removals or storage requirements. The works on the offices are now complete and fully operational, however works are still being carried out to expand and improve their storage facilities.