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Making The Sale & Move Easier

If your home looks attractive and spacious it helps considerably with making the sale happen quicker.

Many of the TV House Doctor/House Staging type programmes recommend that you declutter, depersonalise and staging the property by packing up and storing unnecessary items before putting the property on the market.

Clear the loft and minimalise the items in sheds and garages as well as in the living space can make the whole property look more appealing to a potential buyer.

It also makes the physical move, when the time comes, a lot easier to manage as only the essentials need to be transferred and the rest can be delivered back from storage when your new home is ready to accommodate them when you are settled in.

It also makes the surveyors’ job much easier if roof spaces are cleared and unnecessary clutter is taken away. It also gives a chance to dispose of unwanted items well before moving time.

Britannia Leatherbarrows offer a range of storage options from as little as £15 per week and clearing clutter away from the property into a storage unit whilst the property is sold makes good sense, as soon as you are settled in the new property you can arrange to move these items to this location, if a long distance they can be loaded on the van before it arrives to load from your present home.