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Welcome to the family


Jim WilliamsBritannia Harrisons & Rowley would like to announce the arrival of Jim Williams, who joined as General Manager on the 1st February 2016. Jim will be based at Harrison and Rowley’s office in St.Neots, taking over from John Thomson who will sadly be retiring from the business.

Jim has over 30 years’ experience of running truck operations from sectors as varied as Waste & Recycling to Wholesale distribution to Parcel delivery to Washroom services; He is married to Karen with one son (Harry) and tells HB “I have a variety of hobbies including running, walking, campanology and classic Japanese motorbikes. I am also a Season Ticket holder at Leeds United.”

We would like to welcome Jim into the Britannia family and hope that Jim will enjoy swapping running tips with avid runner Vinny Byatt (Operations Manager), who has been known to do the odd marathon.
Britannia would also like to wish John Thomson well, who has been freed up by Jim so he can concentrate on overseeing building works for the new Pink and Jones offices prior to his retirement.