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Containerised Storage

Containerised StorageWhen you move home, this can often mean letting go of some possessions that you otherwise wouldn’t; putting some of the bigger affects and sentimental belongings into storage is a common answer. At Britannia Pink and Jones, we understand how important it is to have your personal items stowed in secure and safe storage solutions. Our containerised storage service offers you the reassurance that your items will be stored in a secure, CCTV fitted warehouse in a container which is cost-effective, and a good storage option to keep your belongings in perfect condition.

Is Containerised Storage Beneficial for you?

Storing your personal belongings with our containerised storage solution is a contemporary way of storing household effects. Your storage in the container will remain untouched, and they are kept in a safe and secure location. Containerise storage is perfect if you are looking to store big household items, or sentimental items for a period of time, and to keep your belongings safe.

An Easy Service

To make this is as stress-free as possible for you, our removal team make come to your home or business to wrap and pack the items you want to store. From there we will ensure that you have an itemised inventory, and we will load your goods into the storage container. Britannia Pink and Jones will secure your storage container, which will keep your belongings in perfect condition, in our secure warehouse.

If you would like to access your storage temporarily, we can arrange this for you with a little bit of notice. If you are looking for most accessible storage solution, self-storage may be one of our storage services that is also beneficial for your means.

Included in the Service:

  • We come to you!
  • Pack and wrap your personal possessions that are to be stored
  • You will receive an itemised inventory of the items you have chosen to store
  • We store your goods in one of our storage containers which are sealed and returned to our storage depot
  • Our storage warehouse is secure, which is where the containerised storage will be stored indoors
  • You can access your storage container temporarily, just give us a little bit of notice. If you need more access to your storage, consider our self-storage option.
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