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External Elevator – equipment to suit everyone

It’s important that every move is planned and executed carefully and at Britannia Movers we take pride in planning and preparing every single step of your move in detail so that the day goes smoothly.

Access to both properties is one of our main concerns. Properties come in all shapes and sizes and the locations can vary significantly and some prove easier to access than others. Therefore, we need to assess the situation at both your new property and the property you are moving from so that we can figure out the logistics of the move. There are a few specific questions that we must ask in order to determine how we will access the properties, these include:

  • is there appropriate parking for our vehicles?
  • will our vehicles be able to get close enough to the properties?
  • will we need to bring a selection of different sized vehicles?
  • will our crew be able to get heavy and large items in and out of the properties easily?
  • is there enough space within the properties to manoeuvre large and heavy items?
  • will our crew be protected when moving items between floors?

The solution

If one or both of your properties has restricted access or has multiple obstacles meaning items can’t be moved through the house, Britannia Movers has a solution. Our External Elevator is a sophisticated piece of equipment that allows us to deliver items to the first, second and even up to the fourth floor of a property. The elevator easily lifts large and heavy items so that they can then be moved through a window.

Whether it’s a residential move or an office move our External Elevator can be used to support the moving process. If you’d like to find out more about how the elevator could help you just give us a call on 01792 359268 and talk one of our friendly team.

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