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Moving to Spain from Wales

If you have plans to move to Spain from Wales, Britannia Robbins is here to help. European removals from Wales are one of our areas of expertise, and we have extensive experience relocating our customers overseas. As a family-run business, we put you at the heart of everything we do, always providing a first-class service.

If you’re moving to Spain, contact us to speak to the team about how we can help make your move a success. Alternatively, you can get a quote for an idea of the cost.

Moving from Wales to Spain

From our base in Swansea, we conduct numerous moves to Spain, giving us the experience and expertise needed to make your move a success. We work with trusted partners along the journey for a seamless transition, ensuring everything runs according to schedule.

We’ll start your move to Spain with a pre-move survey where we’ll establish exactly what will be required for your move. We’ll work with you to create a detailed moving plan that works to your timeframe and budget. We’ll create an inventory of everything that will be moved, and we can provide long-term storage if there is anything you want to leave behind.

We can tailor our removal services to your needs, being as hands-on or as hands-off as you like. If you want a completely hassle-free experience, we can fully manage your move for you, packing your items, loading them up, and unpacking them in your new home. We can also offer guidance and advice for things like customs and imports, ensuring we can avoid any delays along the way.

Commercial moves to Spain

Are you relocating your business to Spain? Britannia Robbins can help manage your move, with a commercial removals team bringing a wealth of experience and expertise. We can get you up and running in your new premises in Spain, transporting your business furniture equipment safely and efficiently.

We can also provide business storage for any items you want to keep but not take with you, as well as confidential document shredding to streamline your move to Spain.

Shipping to Spain from Wales

Britannia Robbins uses two main methods to ship your belongings to Spain from Wales.

Sea freight

Sea freight is the most common method for shipping household goods to Spain. If you have a lot of items, you’ll have your own shipping container, but for smaller consignments we can combine loads that are all heading to Spain. This can cut down costs, as you won’t pay for space in a container that you’re not using.

Sea freight is usually the most cost-effective option for shipping your items to Spain, but it can also take a longer time. Depending on whether you have a dedicated or shared load, it can take anywhere between one to three weeks to ship via sea freight to Spain.

Air freight

We can also arrange to ship your belongings to Spain via air frieght. This is usually a more expensive option but is typically quicker, so it can be a good choice if you are working to a short time frame. Air freight to Spain will take around a week, sometimes extended to 10 days.

Spain Customs and Imports

We can assign you with an international removals agent who can guide you through the customs and imports process for Spain, and ensure your shipment passes through without a hitch.

Many items will be subject to import taxes, but there are some exceptions, and you can request exemption. For example, items that are designed for personal use by yourself or your family in your home will be exempt, as are portable tools that you need for your job. You’ll need to sigh a document stating that you will not transfer or sell your items for at least a year after you arrive in Spain.

There are certain items that are prohibited to import to Spain. This includes certain medicines, plants, and products from protected species. Weapons and ammunitions can only be imported if you have been given authorisation by the local police. You can only take in less than 10,000 euros in cash, or the equivalent in another currency.

Moving to Spain? Contact the team on 01267 868133 or email us at to see how we can help you. Alternatively, get a quote for an idea of cost. 

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