Reigate Hockey Club – sponsored by Britannia Movers International

Britannia Movers have been sponsoring local sports teams since the arrival of our head office in Reigate Borough in 2016. Since September 2019 Britannia have been sponsoring Reigate Hockey Club and while Covid19 unfortunately curtailed the end of the 2019-2020 season, they have started the new season off with a bang. Here’s an update from club chairman Andy Porter: Reigate Hockey Club, sponsored by Britannia Movers International, have been working hard since lockdown came into place to ensure they are COVID safe ... Read more

Are Fickle Finances Seeing Expats Return Home?

Coronavirus has crushed the dreams of many expats living overseas. Business and lifestyle news outlet Forbes reported recently that many expats “are no longer living the dream”. This has led to a mass exodus of expats moving back - or preparing to move back - to their home country as a result of an uncertain financial future. The Gulf is one of the most highly impacted areas. Known for its extremely high population of expats, it was a surprise to see that ... Read more

Knitwear for the Pre-schools 2020

The generous knitting ladies of the Rotary Club have been very busy knitting much needed warm clothing for children in Africa.  Following all of their hard work, we are pleased to announce that the knitwear packages have finally arrived at their final destination. The knitwear is for the young children in the Drakensburg Mountains of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, where it gets very cold in winter - they even have snow at times and the pre-schools have little or more often, no ... Read more

What Impact is Coronavirus Having on the Property Market?

Coronavirus has undoubtedly had a staggering effect on the property market. Extensive periods of market stagnation teamed with a dwindling economy had many estate agents preparing for a tumultuous year. Property buying and selling is on the road to recovery and data reveals that it could be at a faster pace than experts once assumed. Property buyer trends The global pandemic has certainly changed the way in which people are shopping for property. The summer of 2020 has revealed some interesting changes in ... Read more

How do I use the Britannia Video Survey App?

We are delighted to be able to provide our customers with a Video Survey App, which is downloadable from the App Store and Google Play. The App means that not only can we provide a quote remotely, without having to wait to arrange a home survey, but it also provides access to many other features. Please watch our video below to find out more about the App and how to use it: Read more