What Makes Swindon a Great Place to Live?

A recent survey on the best places to live in the UK by OneFamily found that Swindon ranked number 7, the only town in the southwest of England to break the top 25. Over the past decade, Swindon routinely features in the top 10 best places to live rankings from various sources. But what makes Swindon such a great place to live? Amenities There’s plenty for Swindon residents to do around the town. The town centre has a fully pedestrianised high street which ... Read more

The Cleanest and Greenest Areas of London

There are many reasons for moving to London. There are, of course, the employment opportunities and the higher wages that go with them. Londoners benefit from world-class food with a variety of cuisines and plenty of fantastic markets peppered around the city. We can’t forget the seemingly endless supply of great entertainment, with music, theatre, comedy, art, opera and dance. There’s also the fact that you'd be living in one of Europe's major transport hubs along with the diverse and often ... Read more

Downsizing – Finding the Right Property for You

Many people decide to downsize their home. When children have flown the nest, the appeal of a smaller property with fewer maintenance needs and lower costs becomes very appealing. We’ve previously discussed the essential steps to take when planning to downsize. But, perhaps the most important part of downsizing is choosing the right property. Below we investigate the factors to consider to find the right property for you. Rooms You should think carefully about how much space you’ll need in your new home. Whilst ... Read more

How to Ensure a Successful Completion Day

Completion day is a huge milestone in the house-buying process. The end is now in sight and you’ll soon be able to move in and start your new life in your new home. After weeks, and sometimes months, of waiting, it can be a big relief to finally get to completion day. But what exactly will happen on completion day, and how can you ensure everything goes smoothly? Find out, with our guide below. What Happens on Completion Day? On completion day, the ... Read more

Family Friendly Areas To Live In London

With high house prices in London, many families are deciding to move out to the home counties. However, for those who are looking to take up their slack and move into or around London, where are the most desirable areas to raise your offspring? Britannia Ryans Removals runs you through some of the best that the city has to offer... Muswell Hill Situated in the London borough of Haringey, the suburban region known as Muswell Hill is a fantastic place to raise young ... Read more