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5 Things to Consider Before Moving to London

More and more people are deciding to make the move into London. With the city’s promising job opportunities and unique way of life, the desirability of living in London is at an all time high.

Whether you are making your first move into London as a young professional, or you are a ‘seasoned pro’, moving to London can be an intimidating prospect for many. With a lifestyle change that comes with moving to London, there are several important factors to be considered.

Where do I want to move in London?

You are thinking of moving to London. Before trying to work how expensive it may be and the logistics of the move, deciding where is the best place for you to call home in the capital is critical. With all the boroughs of London having their own unique aspects, attracting all sorts of people – there is a place for everyone. Once you have decided where you possibly want to live, you need to start doing your wider research of the area depending on your requirements. Some questions raised are often…

  • How long would commuting to work take?
  • Are there schools nearby for my children?
  • Are there many green spaces?
  • What is the crime rate like in this area?
  • Are supermarkets easily accessible?

How much does property in London cost?

So, you have made your mind up about moving, the next important factor to consider is how expensive properties are. As we all know the London property market is expensive, with the average property costing £145,000 more than those in the South of England. Some homeowners trying to sell in London are struggling, opting to drop their asking price to attract more potential buyers or utilise property buying companies.

Those moving to London should expect to pay an inflated amount for property within the city. In 2019 the average London property was approximately valued at £509,047 and the average deposit was a huge £126,000. Some properties will require a 30% deposit to secure.

Researching the most affordable areas for you to live in London is important. Through using an interactive property map of London, you to make a distinct property price comparisons across the city based upon London tube stations. Below is the most affordable London Underground tube line to live on:

Metropolitan Line – Cheapest

Is living in London expensive?

This factor is going to be aimed at first-time buyers. Now you know the cost of it, you must be prepared for the financial commitment of London life. Even though it is expensive, there are several schemes out there to help with buying a property:

  1. Help to Buy: you can borrow up to 40% of the purchase price from the Government. This will mean you would only need a 5% deposit and your mortgage would make the rest up.
  2. Rent to buy: It was introduced to provide cheap loans to help housing associations and social landlords build 10,000 new homes – mostly one- or two-bedroom flats – for young buyers.

How can I get from A to B easily?

On an average day the London Underground handles 5 million passengers. With public transport dominating the way people get around London, knowing your bus and tube links are incredibly important. Whether it is commuting to work or going out for the day, being savvy to transport links will save you an incredible amount of time getting around.

Sold’s interactive property price tube map can help prospective Londoners understand the correlation between property price and public transport. Elliot Castle CEO of Sold.co.uk notes: “This map is an invaluable resource for Londoners who are looking to get onto the property ladder but are unsure where to start. This means they can quickly identify areas near major underground lines within their budget, to help focus their search.”

How can I move to London?

Luckily this is the bit we are here at Britannia Internal Movers are experts in, house removals is at the heart of what we do. Moving anywhere, including London, can be extremely stressful. However, without expert teams of packers and removers, you can rest assured that the moving process will remain stress-free for you. No matter where you are moving from, we will be able help you with your move to London. Through our home removal survey we are able to understand what your needs are when moving to London and can tailor the removals process appropriately to your specific requirements. Find your local removals office now or call 0845 600 6661