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Execute Your Spring Cleaning Flawlessly

Spring cleaning is a tradition that allows us to transform our homes from wintery cave’s of cosiness into bright and beautiful spaces ready for the upcoming blooming flowers and chirping birds of spring. It can seem a daunting task from the onset but think of the gratification you will get out of seeing your home spic and span, smelling fragrant and fresh and ready to tackle the spring and summer seasons. If you’re looking at your home and feeling a bit lost on where to start, then we’re here to help! Britannia Leatherbarrows have put together a list of tips and tricks on how to get a jump start on spring cleaning this year, just for you!

Work from top to bottom, inside to outside. Choose the rooms on the top floor of your home to start with and work your way downwards and outwards, taking all the rubbish with you as you go along. This way you will avoid adopting a system that involves taking one step forward and two steps back and getting rooms you have already cleaned dirty again.

Take it one step at a time. Make sure you only take on one room at a time, or to be even more meticulous, work your way round the room in sections focusing all your attention on one bit at a time. This way you will avoid getting in a pickle and going back on your self, leaving jobs unfinished.

Brighten up the place! Wash your windows & dust your lightbulbs by taking time to go around the house with a bucket of warm water and a few drops of mild soap and give your window panes a good scrub & wipe down with a dry cloth, removing unsightly stains and fingermarks that may have built up over time. Its time to let the sunshine in for spring! Use a feather duster or microfiber cloth to get rid of dust deposits on light bulbs and brighten up your home even more.

Elbow grease & vinegar – getting rid of those grubby stains. As you come across those stains you have been forever avoiding hoping they will just disappear, make sure you have some vinegar and soda to hand and use this simple trick. Add a half cup of cold water (warm water will set the stain more) and half a cup of vinegar, scrub into the stain to remove any odour lurking around. Once you’ve got rid of the pong its time to use a portable spot cleaner or wet vacuum to get rid of those ghastly stains!

A quick, low-key makeover. Think about how you feel when you parade around town in a new outfit, well a simple new bed linen or curtains can add that a fresh touch to your home. An easy way to give your home that brand new feeling.

Don’t have time to paint? Clean the walls instead. If you don’t already have the paint you originally used on your home for a new lick of paint, then take time to get rid of marks on the walls instead. Use a clean cloth or a sponge and water to scrub off unsightly fingermarks or dark prints. If you find its not doing the trick then apply soap directly to the mark and wash away.

Say NO to the mountain of clutter at the front door. With the entrance to the house being the first point of call for kids to be able to drop their stuff and run up to their room in a frantic hurry, it can quickly turn into a big mess. To eliminate this, purchase a shoe rack, not only for your families shoes but hide away any other miscellaneous clutter in it like; hats, gloves, newspapers and toys.

Protect your wooden floors. If you haven’t taken the time to protect your laminate flooring from scratches and scuffs yet then take precautions such as using surface protectors on furniture legs. You can also use saucers on the underside of plant pots to avoid damage. Finally, give your wooden floor a mop with warm water and a slight splash of mild soap.

Cleaning out the fridge – a daunting but necessary task. Its a task that everyone dreads and avoids. However, for hygiene purposes and to avoid bad odours, its something that has to be done. Start by removing all of its contents, checking for any that have gone out of date and then wipe up any immediate stains and spills that are visible. Dont forget to remove any shelves and trays and wash them down thoroughly with warm water and washing up liquid. If required, grab an old toothbrush and scrub down any awkward nooks and crannies.

Replace all batteries. Once you’ve done the general housework and things are starting to come together, you should go round the house checking which batteries need replacing. You should replace the batteries in your smoke alarm every 6 months and ensure that all clocks are tick tocking away.

Stock up on cleaning supplies to keep it pristine. Once all your hard work has paid off and you’ve managed to create a pleasant and clean space you’re proud to call home, then make sure you stock up on supplies to keep it that way.