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Five reasons to move to Andover

Britannia Leatherbarrows has helped thousands of people move home in and around the Andover area. Whether you are a couple, a family or retirees, there is much to recommend this delightful corner of England. If you are looking for ideas at to where to move, or if you already have Andover in mind and are looking to learn more about the area, here are our top five reasons for choosing it as your next home town.



Schools may not be a consideration for everyone when moving home, but if you have children already or you are planning to start a family, education will no doubt feature very high on your priority list when choosing the best place to live. Andover boasts many primary and secondary schools in and around the town, providing plenty of options for families in both the state and the independent sector. There are also plenty of special education provisions catering for those with more unique and complex needs.



Andover has a rich heritage. Listed in the Domesday Book, it dates back more than 1000 years and some of the town’s architecture can be traced as far back as its Anglo-Saxon roots. During the 18th century it flourished with trade and significant development followed during the 19th and 20th centuries. Nowadays it is a thriving centre, full of modern amenities but still sporting a heavy dose of traditional English flair.


Competitive house prices

Based in the heart of Hampshire, Andover is a sought-after destination for people looking to relocate. Despite this, the town still offers quality housing at reasonable prices. The average sale price of property in Andover is currently £260,707. For this you can expect a reasonably sized three-bedroomed semi-detached house. Compare this to the £410,399 that a similar-sized property will set you back in the South East, and it is easy to appreciate Andover’s many charms.


Sport and leisure

Andover is a paradise for those who enjoy sport and leisure. Those who hanker after the outdoor lifestyle will appreciate the town’s easy access to the picturesque English countryside. If you prefer your pursuits to be a bit more sports-oriented there are a huge number of clubs to choose from, from golf and rugby to football and cricket, as well as several fitness centres. Youth clubs, social clubs, the British Legion and a Driving Association also feature strongly in the town’s varied arsenal of activities. Joining a club or association is one of the quickest and easiest ways of getting to know new people when you move home, and Andover is the perfect place in which to do it.


Low crime rate

If community spirit features high on your list, Andover has it in bucket-loads. Not only does this mean you will be quickly welcomed by your new neighbours, it also leads to a safer environment for people living in the town. Test Valley Borough Council and Andover Town Council are committed to creating a safe and thriving community, meeting regularly to discuss and resolve any issues in the town. The result is a low crime rate and happy residents who have a reputation for pulling together in times of need.