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Garden Plants, Ornaments and Furniture

If you are moving from a flat or a houseboat then the only plants and garden furniture you are likely to own are confined to the balcony or deck space but many people moving home are inclined to forget about what they may want to take with them from their garden areas.

Most people make an early decision about such major items as shed or greenhouse but at the stage of placing the home on the market, they should also walk around the garden and decide if there are any plants which they want to take with them and then make this very clear at the outset. It must be identified in the sales information.

For example, the small camellia tree which Uncle Fred gave you for an engagement present may be 6 ft tall now and you may like to keep it for sentimental reasons or it may be 10ft tall and the practical solution takes some cuttings.

Many of us accumulate a lot of rubbish, broken furniture and unwanted machinery such as old mowers and tools in our gardens and sheds.  This should all be cleared out and dumped well before the first prospective estate agent arrives to offer advice and discuss asking prices. Do not wait until they arrive to make a start on clearing out rubbish, you are only wasting their time as well as yours. Listen to further advice which they give you as to the presentation of garden sheds, garages and the garden themselves. Neatness and tidiness will always impress and a coat of paint or wood preservative on a shed will make it look as though it has a value.

Decide on what ornaments you want to keep and move with you if they are not to be included again make this very clear and if it is just one or two sentimental items move them into the shed or garage.