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What To Leave Behind When You Move

A lot of frustration and effort can be saved if home movers work out the comparatives in cost versus time and effort and time making good before taking down fixtures and fittings in advance of leaving their old home

Many homeowners are determined to take as many fixtures and fittings as possible with them when they move as they are their property. Favourite ceiling lamps, medicine cabinets from the bathroom and mirrors and small shelves screwed to walls in bedrooms and living rooms.

Think again very carefully and save yourself a lot of effort before you embark on an exercise of planning to take all these things along with your furniture.

When fixtures are taken down there is often a different coloured piece of wall that is exposed and this has to be redecorated as well as filling in unsightly screw and fix holes.

It can be worse in the bathroom where the tiling may be scratched and chipped where the fixing holes were drilled when the cupboard or mirror was originally fixed in place.

When a light fitting is taken down it is necessary to leave a ceiling rose, a length of flex and a bulb holder in place.

The costs of replacing most fittings are not that great and it is strongly recommended that home movers cost out what they need to buy for their new home and make a measured decision before taking down their existing items.