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Tips and Trips to improve your new homes security

Moving into a new home is an exciting prospect. Even before the removal van has driven away,
you will no doubt be planning the magic touches that will transform your property into a
welcoming home.
This is a place where memories will be made, and to make those memories good ones it is
important that you feel safe and secure in your environment. Check that your security is up to
scratch as soon as you move in – or even beforehand if you have the opportunity. A little time
spent now is worth years of peace of mind later on. To help you on your way we have come up
with a simple checklist of handy hints to ensure your home has tip­top security.
Change the locks
Make it a priority to change all the locks as soon as you take possession of your new home.
Don’t wait until you’ve settled in as the chances of you becoming complacent will increase and
you may just never get round to it. Of course it’s unlikely that an unknown stranger still has a key
to your property, but if you install brand­new locks you can rest safe in the knowledge that no­one
can enter your home without your permission.
Beware the opportunist!
20% of all burglaries do not involve force. The one time you forget to lock your door could be the
time the opportunistic thief takes it upon himself to try the handle. Remember to check that all
doors are locked, including the rear, before you leave the house. Ensure that your locks are
sufficiently strong and reinforce them if necessary by using multi­point locking devices. These
secure the door within the frame using a series of multilateral hooks and points, making it
impossible to open with a single kick.
Consider installing an alarm
If your home doesn’t already have one installed, it is worth considering having a security alarm
fitted. It is estimated that just one­third of British homes have an alarm and yet they are an
excellent deterrent for potential thieves. Do ensure your alarm is in full working order however.
There is no better way of upsetting your new neighbours than by letting your faulty alarm
regularly ring out unnecessarily – and if you do have a break in, it is unlikely anyone will take it

Remember the 10am – 3pm rule
Most burglaries take place in broad daylight between 10am and 3pm, when people are out at
work. You can minimise the chances of your property being targeted by making it look as though
you are at home during this period. Leave a light on, set a timer for the TV or radio and, if you
have a second car, keep it in your driveway while you’re out.
Beware of the dog
A dog is a great deterrent to burglars. If you have one, let the public know by putting up a ‘beware
of the dog’ sign. And if you don’t? Why not put up a sign anyway – given the choice between your
property and another, a burglar may just not take the risk.
Take care with your spare key
An opportunistic thief may well take a peek under the doormat or in a flower pot, but if you bury
your spare key in a tin in the garden, it will stand much less chance of being discovered. Of
course the ideal is not to leave a spare out at all, so do try to find a trusted friend, neighbour or
family member with whom to leave one first.