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International Removals from Malvern

International Shipping To A Range Of Destinations

If you are moving abroad, whether to Europe or further afield, Britannia Bennetts of Malvern can provide a professional and high quality removal and shipping service.

As a member of Britannia Movers International, the largest movers of household goods worldwide, we have the resources and the experience to take care of your move. Britannia Movers offers international shipping to popular destinations, such as New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the USA and to more unusual ones, such as Qatar, Swaziland and Brazil.

International Removals and Shipping Services

Britannia Bennetts can take care of all aspects of your move abroad, including packing, loading, shipping and delivery of your effects. If you choose our removal services, we will be able to tailor our services to your specific requirements and you can have the peace of mind that the shipping process is in good hands. It is now also possible to track your container to some countries by satellite.

Regardless of your shipment size, we can provide a professional and quality service:

  • Scheduled Consignments – Whether you have one box of china or a full container load, we can ship your consignment according to your required schedule. Your effects will reach your destination safely and securely.
  • Professional Packing – Our experienced Britannia removal teams will pack everything professionally for loading into the shipping container. We use specialist materials for packing to ensure that your goods are protected to the highest standards.
  • Full Inventory – Britannia will provide you with with a full inventory for your records.
  • Barcoded – All shipments are barcoded.
  • Smaller shipments – These are sent as part of a larger consignment.
  • Larger shipments – we will provide a quote and can ship them in 20 or 40 feet containers.
  • Route – Our Shipping Department will choose the most appropriate route for your shipment.
  • Sea  or Air Freight – You can choose sea or airfreight. Our Shipping Department will help you choose and will tailor the shipping method to your specific requirements, such as timing and costs.
  • Reliable Shipping lines – We have access to the fastest and most reliable shipping lines to all destinations. Modern container ships provide scheduled timetables and a reliable service that allow you to plan ahead.
  • Customs – We will also assist you at your destination. Our overseas agents will assist with customs clearance and your shipment will be delivered to your new home with care and expertise.
  • Storage – If you need storage before or after your international move, Britannia can provide a range of storage services.
  • Additional Services – Britannia can also provide a range of additional removal services, such as assistance with insurance, money transfer and pet transport services.
  • Pre-payment Bond – Throughout the moving process, you will benefit from the Britannia Movers International Pre-payment Bond. This means that your payment is covered under our bond to guarantee delivery to your destination.
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