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Britannia Bennetts European Removals

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Britannia Bennetts of Malvern can offer a professional European removal service, whether you are moving to France, Northern Europe or Spain.

We have been providing regular removal services and have successfully relocated several thousand families to all parts of Europe.

We can offer a range of additional services, so whether you need storage, pet transport or money transfer, you can choose Britannia Bennetts with confidence.

Hassle-Free Move

While moving to another country could be a stressful experience, we will make sure that the removal process is smooth and trouble-free. We know that every removal is slightly different, and have the experience, local knowledge and the resources throughout Europe to make the moving process hassle-free for you.

Whether the access road is narrow, the stairway is inaccessible or your property is secluded in a rural setting, we will endeavour to solve the problem and will ensure that we can tailor the move to your specific requirements. Britannia Bennetts of Malvern has a wealth of experience with different regulations and we can provide a full range of removal services to any European destination.

Packing Services

If you need professional packing services for your move to Europe, Britannia Bennetts has a professional packing staff who can offer a full range of packing services. We combine the latest specialist materials with our experience and traditional skills to ensure a safe journey for your belongings.

  • We will wrap all smaller items in paper and will place them in strong cartons.
  • All furniture and larger items are wrapped in multi-layer export grade wrappers.
  • Custom casing can further protect high value or unusual items.
  • Once packed, all items are marked with name, destination and inventory number to ensure that they can be tracked and will arrive at your new home safely.
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