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Packing of pictures, mirrors and photographs

How should I pack my pictures, mirrors and photographs is a question often asked by customers who are undertaking preparation of their own house move.

There are many ways to pack these items but the following techniques are how I, myself have found to work best:

  1. If the photo, picture or mirror will fit in a strong double walled carton, this is usually the easiest and safest method.
  2. Wrap pictures in paper and place face to face standing upright in the carton.
  3. When packing a Canvas (without backing) put a strong piece of card in front and behind to prevent anything piercing the canvas. Alternatively you can wrap the whole picture in a piece of cardboard. There is no need to paper wrap for this method.
  4. Be careful when packing larger pictures and mirrors as these can often weigh more than you expect and a carton can easily become too heavy for you or our men to lift safely.
  5. Large pictures and mirrors which are too big to fit in a carton should be packed individually. Please bear in mind that it is the corners and edges of the frames which are most at risk from removal damage. It is unlikely that the glass will get broken although this area must also be protected.


Packing Materials:

  • Method 1:
    • Bubble wrap – easy to use but can be expensive and in reality offers little protection to the corners and edges.
    • Blankets – use an old blanket if you have one. Open the blanket up, place the item face down in the centre and wrap the blanket around it then tape up as you would with bubble wrap.
  • Method 2:
    • Cardboard wrapping – use a large carton and cut along the glued edge. Open the box up to form a flat surface. Put the item face down avoiding any of the edges protruding through the cardboard flaps. Using the flutes to fold the carton, bend it around the item ensuring there is plenty of overhang on the edges of the picture, as this will provide the best protection on the corners. Then tape up and make safe for moving.

If you do not feel confident or are unwilling to pack large pictures/mirrors yourself, for a small fee we would be happy to pack these for you. We can also supply bubble wrap, paper, blankets, cartons and other packing materials that may be useful to you.


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