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Britannia Bradshaw European Removals

Britannia Bradshaw has a vast amount of experience of moving our clients to Europe. For over 30 years, Britannia has moved households and personal effects to European destinations for thousands of customers, so you can be sure you’re in safe, experienced hands.

Brexit Update

The Government have announced that there will be no changes to the customs regulations for families and people looking to move to another EU country during the transition period up to December 2020 so everyone will continue to enjoy free movement between all EU countries during this period. No one knows at this stage what will happen after this period ends so if you are thinking of relocating to another EU country then contact us today for your free quotation.

If you’re planning a move to anywhere in Europe, whether it be France, Holland, Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Scandinavia or Eastern Europe, Britannia Bradshaw can help and provide you with a professional and reliable service. We are part of the Britannia Movers International group which gives us access to all the vehicles in the Britannia family so depending on where you are moving to we can arrange to get your consignment there safely and in good time.

If you need to move back to anywhere in the UK from Europe then just give us a call, send an email or complete the online form, we’ll get back to you straight away and can also easily arrange this for you as well either on one of our own vehicles or through the Britannia Movers International group.

Range of European Destinations

At Britannia Bradshaw, we focus on European moves to and from France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria and Scandinavia, we offer a dedicated weekly service and fortnightly part load service to these destinations. We can take a full house load of effects on a dedicated service for one client or we can also offer a part load service where you share the space on the vehicle to keep the cost to a minimum.

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European Removals Tailored Specifically for you

Britannia Bradshaw have moved household and personal effects for thousands of customers for generations, providing reliable and safe moves to many destinations in Europe. We start with a survey, either in person, via a video link or even working from a list. We will discuss and understand your requirements, check the access for the size of vehicle you might need and advise you which service might best suit you, we’ll provide our quotation and details on the insurance that you’ll need. Once you’re happy with the quote and you know the date you need your effects collected and delivered we’ll get you booked in and confirm the delivery date. Currently, there are very few customs formalities and forms to complete when moving to another EU country but this may change once Brexit is finalised.

Packing, Preparation, Transfer and Delivery

After arriving at your home, we will pack and prepare your possessions for collection using our modern range of environmentally friendly and purpose-made packaging materials. Everything will be carefully loaded and protected for transfer directly to the vehicle taking your consignment or into our storage containers pending transfer if you have decided to send as a part load. The vehicle will travel to your delivery address, the crew will keep in contact with you to advise an exact time for delivery. On delivery, we will place furniture and effects in the correct rooms and reassemble any furniture that we have dismantled ensuring that you are left as comfortable as possible.

So contact us today and speak with one of our expert move coordinators to arrange your survey and quotation.  You can call on 01162 029692 or email You can also use the Quick Quote form for an idea of pricing or speak to someone for further information.

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