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Mobile Storage in Manchester

Britannia Bradshaw’s of south and central Manchester offers a mobile self storage option that is perfect if you need maximum flexibility for your items. Our mobile storage container is the ideal solution and is one of our most popular storage options.

Mobile storage in Manchester

If you need storage but are pushed on time or have a very busy schedule, traditional container storage can be incredibly inconvenient. This is where the mobile services come in. We will send out our secure storage container directly to your door. When it arrives, you can then load it up with the items you want to store in your own time.

There is no rush or hassle for you to get everything together in one trip and you can add things to the container in sections as it suits you. Once you have filled the container with everything you need to store, we’ll return to your home and collect it. We’ll then take the container to our secure storage depot and hold your items for you.

Flexible storage options from Britannia Bradshaw’s

This flexible storage option is ideal for people who don’t have access to their own vehicle because they can still have their items stored securely without having to worry about transportation. Mobile storage is also a popular solution for people who do not have a driving licence, as it makes everything so much easier.

You also don’t have to pack up and then unpack everything because it’s all just loaded directly into the container. When you need access to your storage container, just let us know and we’ll remove it from the storage space for you. Once you’re done, we’ll put the container back again until you next need it. The mobile storage containers can hold around 40 large removal boxes. They will comfortably hold the entire contents of a living room and then some, so you’ll have plenty of space for your items.

For further details on the mobile storage in Manchester, please give us a call on 0161 452 3330 or email You can also use the Quick Quote box to find out how much we charge for mobile storage.


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