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Self Storage in Manchester

If you need self-storage facilities in Manchester, Britannia Bradshaw’s can help. We have been offering storage options to customers in and around the area for many years and are now one of the leading companies in the area.

Self-storage in Manchester

Our self-storage facility was designed with our customers in mind. We found an increasing number of people wanted to put their items into storage but did not want the restriction of only being able to access their items at a mutually agreed time. Many customers want the freedom of being able to get to their belongings whenever it suits them and so, Britannia Bradshaw’s has begun to offer a self-storage system.

You can bring your items whenever you want to and deposit them into our self-storage containers. These containers are given a specially allocated space in the facility so that you can then access your belongings when you need to. This flexibility is ideal for those who want to just store a few items or need to clear a space in their home when they have guests to stay.

Short term storage from Britannia Bradshaw’s

One of the key benefits of our short-term, self-storage option is that it gives our customers the option to come and go whenever they like. If they are going on holiday and want to put some of their valuables into storage, this is certainly something they can consider. Our facility is equipped with top of the range security, so you can leave your items and know they will be right where you left them upon your return.

If you are suddenly having to move house or downsize, or if you simply don’t know when you’ll need your items, the self-storage container is ideal. There is no pressure from the facility to only access your belongings at certain times or on certain days – it’s in your hands.

For more information on our self-storage containers in Manchester and how you can keep your items safe, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Email us on or call 0161 452 3330. You can also use the Quick Quote form to get an idea of pricing for self-storage.

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