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Container Storage in Devon

Britannia Lanes container storage where you can store as much or as little as you need, whether it’s a few pieces of furniture or the entire contents of your house.

Container storage in Devon

britannia lanes warehouseIf you don’t need regular access to your items and you have quite a lot of things to store, but need a reliable solution, then container storage may be the right option for you.

We collect your items directly from your home and transport them in our specially designed storage containers. We will be sure to give you a detailed inventory listing the contents, so that you know exactly what we are storing for you and the condition it’s in when we take it for storage.

When your items arrive at our purpose-built warehouse, the container is mechanically transported into its own allocated position. It will remain there until you request a time for it to be delivered to you again. This is a great option to consider if you are moving abroad and want to keep a few items aside to then be delivered once you’re settled in.

Container Storage facilities

Your containers will be stored in a clean, dry and fire-safe environment in our high-security storage warehouse facility, which is equipped with monitored security systems, CCTV and smoke alarms, so you can have the peace of mind that your items will be kept safe and secure.

britannia lanes forkliftIf you are moving abroad, once you have properly moved in, you can then let us know to send over your stored items and we’ll ensure they get to your destination, wherever you are in the world, which forms part of our complete international removals service. We’ll also help to load everything up and pack your items before they go into storage if you’d prefer.

As one of the leading storage companies in Devon and the surrounding areas, you can be sure of getting a top quality service with Britannia Lanes.

For more information on container storage in Devon, please give us a call on 01392 308030 or email us If you’d like a quote on container storage, please use the form above and we’ll give you an outline of predicted costs.

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