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Records Management & Archive Storage

Records Management and Archive storage are a part of the many solutions offered by Britannia Lanes of Devon. As part of our comprehensive storage and removal service, we help both businesses and individuals with the collection, classification and storage of archived documentation.

Document Storage in Devon

With companies needing to retain records, space and security can be a problem. At Britannia Lanes we can store all sorts of documentation from company records, to old case files for solicitors and we even take care of any paperwork that you might have for your personal accounts.

If you are in need of your documents being stored in Devon or the surrounding areas, then Britannia Lanes can help. Our service will see us sending out a trained member of the document & archiving storage team to your home or office. If you have not boxed your documents up, we’ll do this for you and ensure everything is correctly labelled and barcoded accordingly.

Archive storage

Our archive storage solutions offer you somewhere to keep your documents safe, dry and secure. Our fully operational warehouse has a significant amount of space for archiving boxes, files or many other types of business storage, with CCTV, security alarms and fire and smoke detection systems to give you peace of mind.

Records Management

All archiving is barcoded which allows us to scan everything onto our system, and is then held in a database with full confidentiality for the content of your documents. This is so that we know exactly what documents are in which boxes and also where they will be kept within the storage facility. Having everything on a centrally-located system means there is a far more efficient way of being able to find your documents whenever you need them, taking far less time.

Upon your request, we can also arrange for old documentation to be shredded securely and, as an environmentally-friendly company, Britannia Lanes will also ensure that all shredded documents are recycled. The process of both archive storage and shredding is carefully documented and we issue you with a destruction certificate for your shredding to give you the peace of mind.

If you need any documents taken out of storage, please let us know and we will ensure we deliver them by the next day – or sooner if it’s an emergency.

By filling out our Quick Quote form we will be able to contact you to give you an idea of pricing for records management, storage and archiving, or for more information on any aspect of our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 01392 308030 or you can email us, so please get in touch and find out how we can help.’

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