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How we work out our Removal Quotes

Knowledge and preparation is key to making a successful move and the more that can be prepared in advance the better that we can help you.  That being said we can deal with things at short notice, it just makes us work a little harder.

The time to have your removal survey done is once you know roughly what you want to move with you and where you are going to.  This will allow you to make decisions on what type of service you need.

A removal is worked out as a combination of man hours, vehicles needed, distance travelled and materials and equipment needed.  In order to work this out we need to ascertain what is to be moved, where it is moving to, any issues there may be with access to either premises and any items that need either special care or handling.  We can also quote separately for the packing so you can keep your options open till closer to the move date.

There are 3 different ways to work out what is needed for your specific move:

  • One option is that we can do a physical walk around your property and create an inventory of the goods to be moved.  This is still the best method as it gives us the opportunity to discuss in detail any concerns you may have, tailor the move plan with you and work out costs for you there and then.
  • Another option for tech savvy individuals is the Video Survey.  This utilises your Wi-Fi at the house and you mobile device be it a smart phone or a tablet.  With this you become our legs and the camera of your device becomes our eyes.  This method still allows us to discuss in detail with you your needs and concerns and helps us to set your mind at rest.
  • Finally we can work off an inventory prepared by the client either online, or using one of our “contents of house forms”.

The last 2 are ideal for short notice moves or those moves that are coming back into the county as a return load at the end of a week.

All of the options above will give us a volume to be moved and the general information required to calculate the manpower and resources needed so that we can work out the individual method for your move and the cost.

As you can see every move is individually planned giving a bespoke service for every customer.

For more information or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01278 489180 or email and we’ll be happy to help. Alternatively, to get an idea of our prices, please fill in the Quick Quote box and we’ll give you an outline of potential costs.

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