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European removals from Manchester

If you’re thinking about moving to Europe from Manchester, the teams at Britannia Movers can help. We have been helping our customers move abroad for many years and are now one of the leading European removals specialists in Manchester. Whether you’re heading to the south of France for a retirement in the sunshine, or relocating to Germany for work, the teams at Britannia will help you with every step of your move to Europe.

Moving to Europe from Manchester

At Britannia, we have been moving people all over the world and have carved our way in the industry as a leading European removals firm. We now move customers across Europe to destinations like Spain, Italy, Denmark and Sweden, as well as to many others. Our local Manchester depots help customers move to Europe every week, so you can be sure you’re in safe, experienced hands.

The Britannia Bradshaw’s branch help customers from south and central Manchester move to Europe and are also specialists for moves to Switzerland. Of course, both Bradshaw’s and Britannia Anchor of north Manchester have the expertise and resources to help you move anywhere in Europe.

European removals in Manchester

The Manchester removals teams will work with you to provide a detailed European moving plan, ensuring everything goes off without a hitch. We’ll go through an inventory, work out whether you need packing services and also help you decide if storage is an option for you to consider while you get settled in. Both Bradshaw’s and Anchor offer storage facilities, so if you need to keep some items aside while finalising everything in Europe, this is a great option.

Your local Manchester removal team will help to supply packing materials, a team of packers and loaders, the removal trucks and even insurance for your items to give you that additional peace of mind. When your belongings are travelling over such a long distance, it’s nice to know that you have cover should you need it.

For more information about moving to Europe from Manchester, please get in touch with one of our Manchester depots.

Britannia Bradshaw’s of South and Central Manchester:

0161 452 3330 or email

Britannia Anchor of north Manchester:

01614 523533 or email

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