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Five Useful Phone Apps for Moving House

Moving into a new home is an exciting prospect for many but without organising and planning the finer details, there is always the chance of problems occurring on the big day. If you were looking to move house 30 years ago you could only rely on a long piece of paper and pen to ensure a smooth moving day. However, an array of technological innovations have been brought to the market over the last few years to give you that helping hand on moving day.


Mobile phones have become an essential part of our everyday lives but they are also becoming an essential part of moving day. Mobile apps allow you to create detailed to-do lists, check if hangings are straight with spirit level apps and allow you to organise your belongings with pictures. All at the click of a button!

Even if you’re not the most tech savvy, these smartphone apps are going to make your life a load easier  in preparation for moving home. There are lots to chose from on the market but here are Britannia’s picks for the Top 5 Phone Apps For Moving House:


1. Home Move Pro


  • Boasts a planner and organiser complete with template checklist so that you don’t forget a single thing.

  • Allows you to take both audio and geo-location notes making it great for when you’re on the move.

  • Has everything you need to plan and organise your house move.

  • Available on Apple Itunes.

  • £ FREE



2. Moving Van

  • A great way to keep tabs on the contents of each box when moving house!

  • As you pack away each box, this app allows you to detail the contents by taking a photo of the items which you then assign to a specific box (e.g. Kitchen)

  • An innovative way to speed up the process of unpacking everything as you will know exactly where everything is and where its going.

  • A search bar also allows you to find a specific item you are looking for so no more digging through box after box to find the kettle for a well needed cuppa. An absolute essential for moving house!

  • Available on Apple Itunes.

  • £ 0.69

3. Moving Checklist for Home & Office

  • Allows you to make time scaled checklists that you can easily categorize into ‘A Few Days to Move’ & ‘Moving Day’ & ‘Your New Residence’.

  • You can add personal item photos or icons to each item/task to quickly distinguish the allocated task on the go.

  • The app allows you to define details such as who the task is assigned to , the priority of the task and when it is due, great for planning out fine specifics!

  • Set task alert sounds so you can eliminate the worry of forgetting anything.

  • Available on Apple Itunes.

  • £ 0.69

4. Bubble Level

  • This handy little tool is perfect for when you’re unpacking your belongings in your new home.

  • Use the virtual spirit level to make sure all your pictures and shelves are put up perfectly straight in your new home.

  • Light and easy to use unlike an actual spirit level!

  • Available on Android.

  • £ Free

5. Change of Address

  • A cheap, creative and easy way of sending out personalised change of address cards from your phone to all your friends and family!

  • You can create your own custom template and include personalised messages to your contacts.

  • Get creative and changeup font styles and colours to make the card as eye-catching as possible.

  • A cheap and cheerful app that lets you notify everyone you need to that you’ve moved, in a fun way!

  • Available on Apple Itunes.

  • £ 0.69