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Simple Packing Tricks to Make Moving Easy!

Unless you like to keep everything in your house extremely minimalistic, then moving is definitely one of the biggest household tasks going! In amongst the stress of decluttering, packing, organising and trying to meet that deadline for the big day, it can be easy to panic and forget simple hacks that will make life so much easier when it comes to packing up your home. At Britannia Heirs of Portsmouth we have acquired loads of tips and tricks over the years that aren’t your usual manual instructions to packing, but inventive ways to make the most of space, ensure your belongings don’t get damaged and all in all make your life easier throughout the process.


1. Pack a survival kit to help you get through your first night in your new home. You’ll need to pack up any toiletries (toothpaste, toothbrush, your favorite face wash), toilet paper, the kettle plus tea bags (for when your dying for a brew) and any cookware you’ll need to make yourself 
dinner (or you may opt for the easier option and order a takeaway)! If you find you can’t fit your first night essentials into a bag then pack it into a clear container. This way its easy to locate what you need without rummaging through endless amounts of boxes. It might also be a good idea to take your ipad or laptop with you in a bag, just for safe keeping!


2. Save on bubble wrap by using old sheets and items of clothing. Clothes, sheets and blankets are a great form of alternative protection to bubble wrap. Plus, it will save loads of space! However, if it’s optimum safety of your belongings your looking for then Britannia Heirs offer a range  of packing materials designed specifically to keep your household goods safe and undamaged.



3. Make your own DIY boxes. To cut down on the amount of cardboard boxes you use make sure you fill up any laundry baskets, suitcases or general household storage items you have with your belongings. A savvy way to make the most of the resources readil

y available to you.


4. Use this special trick to pack your wardrobe in no time! Is the thought of having to take down and fold up every individual item of clothing you have the bane of your life at the moment? Well it’s not any more! Keep all your clothes on a hanger and put them in a plastic bin liner. Easy to transport and you only need to hang them back up again and pull off the bin liner when you get to your new home. Simple, yet pure genius!


5. Keep your toiletries safe from leakage. Use cling film or a sandwich bag and cover the top of any shower gels, soaps or toiletries you have and then just screw the lid back on over the top. You can be sure you’re not going to be met with any sticky surprises on the big day!


6. Label, organise and colour code EVERYTHING! Make sure you are equipped with a load of stickers and a variety of coloured pens to label not only what’s going in your boxes but what room they are going into as well. By using different colours for different rooms as the day goes on, transportation of the boxes will get quicker and easier as you will know which room they’re off to just by looking at the colour on the box.


7. Diminish any screws, nails or fixes lying about by using sandwich bags. In between taking items of furniture apart and putting them back together its an all too common occurrence that the tiny screws and fixes that are vital in holding it all together disappear off the face of the earth. However, all it takes is a little preparation to ensure that all loose screws go into the correct sandwich bag and are taped to the correct box so it can’t get lost.


8. A great tip for those who aren’t all that tech savvy. An excellent way to make the process of setting up all your electrical items that bit easier is to take a picture of the wires and to which socket they go into before you take it all apart. You’ll be a technical genius when it comes to putting your computer back together. Lets just call it photographic memory!


9. Dont risk it and hire the experts for fragile or valuable items. In regards to items that hold a grave importance in your heart or that piano you have no idea how to get out of the front door, it’s best to hire removals experts. At Britannia Heirs we have over 30 years experience in moving awkward, heavy and valuable items, so any item, no matter how big or small, is safe in our hands!


10. If you’re renting take photos before you move out of your new home and into your new one. This way you can be make sure your landlord knows there is no damage to the property and there will be no qualms about getting your deposit back. A great way to eliminate all those unsightly nail marks around the house is to fill them in with a bar of soap, the soap fills up the holes and the marks disappear!


We provide local removal services for individuals and families, including a discounted student service across Portsmouth, Southsea and Hampshire. Whether you’re moving in the UK or Overseas, we offer a service perfect for you. We can also provide a range of storage solutions if you need extra space or are currently between homes. For more information, get in touch by calling 02392 372285 or email