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House Removals St Andrews

Located on the coast in Fife, St Andrews is a charming and historic town, bequeathed with historic stone-hewn buildings, the ancient university, cute shops and romantic ruins sitting high on the blustering cliffs.

Below are unspoilt beaches, perfect for windswept strolls. The famous opening sequences of Chariots of Fire was shot on the magnificent West Sands beach. The Medieval centre of St Andrews is a web of cobbled alleyways with a multitude of shops, restaurants and cafes. Visitors can explore the castle and the now ruined cathedral.

House Removals St Andrews

For those who have deep pockets and love golf, The Scores or The Links (overlooking the Old Course) who would be a perfect place to call home. Rule of thumb is, if the price is on asking, you are looking at some serious money. For something more affordable, the town has some beautiful Victorian semis, villas in terraces, in Hepburn Gardens and Abbotsford Crescent. The whole of St Andrews is blanketed in picturesque 16th to 19th century properties and everywhere is perfect to live.

Britannia Knight Packing is located just half an hour away from St Andrews, in Dundee. Therefore, we are perfectly situated to help you with your move to or from St Andrews. We also have a variety of storage options available for those who require them.

Schools in St Andrews    

Boasting alumni such as Prince William, St Andrews University (founded in 1410) is one of the top universities in the UK. Held in the same ranks as Oxford and Cambridge for its defining presence and the collegiate feel it gives to the town. The elegant ivy-clad buildings and delightful quadrangles and gardens dominate the centre of town and gaggles of students can be seen spending their free time taking a break in the cafes and restaurants.

Lawhead is the most popular primary school in St Andrews, having opened in 1974. Class sizes are small due to only 200 students and is praised by HMIE for its partnership with parents, its climate and relationships, and structure of the curriculum.

Founded in 1833, Madras College caters for children of secondary age; 11 to 18. Notable former pupils include musician KT Tunstall and ITV newsreader Alastair Stewart. HMIE rate the school as ‘good’.

For parents wanting their children to receive private education, St Leonards is the most well-regarded independent school as it was founded by St Andrews University. It caters to children ages 5 to 18, with the option of boarding from the age of 12. In 2005, The Sunday Times named St Leonards as ‘Scottish Independent School of the Year’.

Transport Links St Andrews

St Andrews does not have a train station but the nearest, Leuchars, is five miles away – easily accessible by bus and taxi. Trains travel to Edinburgh (one hour, half-hourly) and Dundee (12 minutes, hourly). Driving: parking’s a nightmare in town; there’s steady traffic on the Forth road bridge – rail it to Edinburgh.