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Office Moves in Portsmouth

Britannia Purvers of Portsmouth is part of the Reeves group based in Petersfield and we work across Hampshire and the surrounding areas to assist businesses with a number of removals and associated services. If you’re thinking of moving your business to new premises, or just need the assistance of professional removals staff, we can help.


Business removals in Portsmouth

If you’ve outgrown your current premises or just fancy a change to somewhere new, we can help you with every stage of the move. When you move your business with Britannia Purvers, we come into your current premises and dismantle all of your office furniture and IT equipment. It will be securely wrapped and loaded onto suitable removal vehicles, then taken to the new premises. Once there, the team will assemble all of your items and work closely with you to ensure we cause minimal impact on the day-to-day running of the business. We can send out a project manager with our staff to oversee everything and liaise with you as to the progress of the removal process. You can also be assured that we only use highly trained, internal Britannia Purvers staff, giving you the peace of mind that any confidential aspects of your business will remain that way.

Business removal services from Britannia Purvers

In addition to traditional removals, we also offer an array of other services as part of our business offering. We have worked with a number of high profile, national businesses including Goodwood and the National Trust. We are the emergency contact of choice for one of the Trust’s properties, so if there is a fire or any sort of emergency that requires our assistance, we will be on call to remove all of the items to a safe location. Some of our work has involved moving and storing priceless paintings during a refurbishment, as well as moving an invaluable rug out of harm’s way when certain events are happening. Many businesses don’t know where to turn when they have this sort of requirement, but Purvers of Portsmouth can take care of even the most obscure requirements. Having worked with many different businesses in industries like defence and aerospace, public services and charities, we have a wealth of experience between us. You can rely on Britannia Purvers when you need something done professionally and to the highest possible standard.

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