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Britannia Reeves Storage

Moving house can be incredibly stressful and you may find yourself worrying about where all of your belongings are going to go and what to do with your precious items during the move. This is where the Britannia Reeves storage facilities come in.

At Britannia Reeves we have a variety of different storage options available to our customers to suit individual needs. These include:

Whether you’re moving down the road, across the world or just need to clear some space at home, storage options are great to fall back on. We offer a range of both long-term and short-term solutions to suit your needs at our secure depot in Petersfield. If you’re based in Chichester, Fareham, Guildford, Basingstoke or any of the surrounding areas, our facility may be particularly useful. We’ll collect all of your belongings from your home, place them in the storage

container and hold them until a pre-agreed release time as part of our container storage programme.

Britannia Reeves Household Storage

If you’re moving house, then once you’re all settled in, let us know and we’ll deliver your belongings to the address of your choice at a time that suits you. We also offer international storage options, you really can drop your things off, head abroad for the summer and have us deliver your items to your international location.

Petersfield Storage Facilities

Whenever you store anything with us, you’ll receive a detailed inventory to give you the peace of mind and also for your own reference to have a record of what items you have where. Everything will be kept clean, dry and secure while it’s in our storage depot in Petersfield, so you have the peace of mind that nothing will get lost or damaged. We work with you to give you the storage options that you need, keeping you in control.

Our warehouse is 10000 sq feet so whether you want to store your entire household furniture, from standard items to carpets and a three piece suite, the contents of your garden shed or even just a lot of bits and pieces from the spare room if you’re having guests to stay, we have the facilities to be able to store everything ! Let us know what you’d like to put into storage and for how long, and we’ll work out a quote for you. You can use the Quick Quote form as well to give you a rough guide.

To speak to one of the storage team at Britannia Reeves, please give us a call on 01730 406569 or email for further details. We’ll go through everything with you and ensure you find the right storage options to suit you

Britannia Reeves Storage

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